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I’m checking on old friends
Looking them up; asking after them
The girls I knew in my younger days
are women now
They’ve grown, blossomed, and matured
moved away, been to college, found love
married, each have children, a house, a car
Their happiness makes me smile
until my smile turns to a frown
when I see how far they’ve come
and I realize
I’m still here
© 2020 Velvel Ben David
no one cares if
they live or die
skin, body, spirit
Grinding, Sweating
away the hours
the years of their lives
to live in a ****** place
get drunk, get ******
procreate further minions
to carry on tradition
of assembly-line-like
there must be something
something to believe in
more to this our mortal life
than the morning commute
the eight-hour-blur
the drive home
falling into a chair
in a room you can't afford
to watch mind control
media, bureaucracy, drudgery
there must be something
a better way to be
on planet earth
the planet is a wonder
the people I like
but not what we do
what we have done
for years on end.
give us something
anything - to believe in
no more nihilism
no more consumerism
no more shackles of debt
when the plague is over
give me the green fields
in the foothills
in the small towns
give me the summer
sidewalks in the city
give us all easy living
like when they talk about
summer of sixty-nine.
give each of my poor friends
a home to call their own
show the people mercy
give the folks who cannot
take care of themselves
the Haven they deserve
and care from all of us.
no one
not a soul
should have to spend
everything in them
just to get by.
we all just want to make it.
is that too much to ask?
© Velvel Ben David 2020
How long it's been since I laid me down
In a field of green, looked around
Saw I was encircled by friends
Yielded to the sky and laughed
Duchess Lady
Pay your penance
Break your crown
Pawn your necklace
Jewels a-jingle as you shiver
Chains of Incan gold & silver

Please, Your Lordship
Don't forget it
Your riches have
Availed you nothing
Go downtown & look around
At the joy that should abound
When a good thing comes your way
Your foes will turn to watch the rain
Thank God for a good kick in the ***
It's what reminds me life is precious
When you're afraid
Sleep with your demons
Welcome them in
Watch them run away
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