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lei Feb 2018
how do i not love thee
whose eyes are glowing
akin to the first sliver of warm light
in the early morning?

how do i not love thee
whose voice and movements
are crisper than the sound of violins
and more graceful than a dove’s flight?

how do i not love thee
whose heart gleams with the hope
of betterment, of happiness,
of safety and a burning passion?

how do i not love thee
when even the moon looks down upon
the silhouette of apollo

how do i not love thee
when cupid’s arrow has struck so deep
that the sole reason troclaim an ineffable love?

if there’s a reason to dream, to laugh, to live and love,
then there is a reason for me.
(it is thee.)
thank you for being mine, lsm
lei Aug 2017
i won.
at least, that's what it
felt like.

it was a burst of
pure adrenaline rushing to and fro
in the depths of my body.

i will never find anyone
as lovely as him.

no matter how hard
i mine,
or borrowed,
or stole,
there will be no
worth as much as the ones
in his eyes
at that moment
that seemed to take him
to his paradise.
lei Aug 2017
it feels like it's just you and i;
four knights, two kings,
and two queens
on the edge of the match.

two teams of darkness and light
trapped inside four walls
enveloped in white noise and
the rush of blood through green-blue veins.

time stands still when you are close
and my heart still races
minutes after you make a move
that pushes me closer to my downfall.

i wait with bated breath.
i wait.
and i wait.

you make a move:
lei May 2017
i am fascinated by the human emotional spectrum.

when i see the humorous glint in their eyes,
the pale skin due to heart-wrenching horror,
or the fire they seem to hold in between their closed fists
i am once again reminded that humans,
though extremely fragile,
have the power to penetrate from within the viewfinder.
lei May 2017
maybe it was in the way you laughed
and moved
and spoke
that made me realize
i would've done
better than this.
sometimes, settling for what's beautiful just isn't right.
lei May 2017
i've been living my tomorrows
all my life
that i forget
that today still has its hours.
because that is what i forget to do
lei May 2017
when the rare occurence
of shooting stars gliding along the clouds
and the dark blue-black of the night,
my only wish is for that star
to bring my heart closer to yours
in hopes that
i could return the happiness
that you have given me.
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