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Anya Sep 2018
When I was young enough to remember
my dad told be not to be one
an "also ran"

It was only when I was older
I understood
She is a swimmer who has been to state
I also swam
She's gotten second place in piano state
I also played
She's the varsity goalie and incredibly athletic
I'm also a goalie
He's our debate team co-head and one of our best
I also debate
She's amazing at writing poetry
I also write
Her squash team got second in the state
I also play squash
She was the lead of the musical
I was also in the musical
I could keep going
But I think you get the point
So what,
if I've tried everything
do everything
know everything?

I have to find
that one thing I'll be the best at
I can't always be an also ran
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
What kind of non-human:
makes a bowl of oatmeal
adds chia and flax seeds
with a little bit of
light brown sugar
and eats it for breakfast?

What sort of creature:
packs a snack lunch
and eats it on a bench
before going to work?
the time we spend in doing things
we think are necessary
with hindsight may appear like idle play
wasting a precious part of the allotment
we have been given on this earth

the problem is we do not know

and so we take the risk and muddle on
trying to do our best
hoping it will not be our worst
Äŧül Apr 2016
Firstly, sit somewhere,
You can never in your life,
And it won't matter whether
You are a husband or a wife,
As a matter of fact you can't
Just make a square in air,
With your right hand,
A circle on the ground with your toe.

That is 'cause your brain,
Now just so very humane,
Can't follow this paradox,
Conflicting activities both.

Now position change,
Get down on the floor,
Yes, on all your four.

And you can not breathe in and out,
As quickly with your tongue out of your mouth,
And your nostrils both not being used.
My HP Poem #1050
©Atul Kaushal

Like this post if you tried either or both.

If you tried the second, you might have realized that it is possible, just that there isn't much difference between you and your uncle's dog!

Nicholas Fogle Jun 2015
I never learned to sleep, I enjoyed the night to much.
I always have and may always will.
It's an addiction to getting more from time.
Why sleep when I can catch up on:
The moon
Learning why,
we live.
There much more to explain and give.
Such as writing poetry.
But, sleep is needed and it is good.
Night Time Fun

— The End —