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Carpe diem
I rhyme
Seize the day
Make most
Of your time
Carpe diem
I rhyme
Make hay
While Sun shines
Every moment
Spend it in a useful way
Carpe diem
I rhyme
Everyday is an opportunity
For some kind of activity
Making most
Of your time
Carpe diem
I rhyme
Indulge in activities
Conducive to life
Reading and writing
Intellectual activities
Of some kind
Enjoy your hobbies
Do some social service
Last but not the least
Caring and loving
Spend your time
Carpe diem
I rhyme
Be happy all the time!
Live in the present, remain busy in some good activity and be happy.
Sindi Dec 2020
Never knew I could write until I picked up a pen
Never knew I could walk until I stood up
Never knew I could sing until I opened my mouth
Would have never known you if you didn't appear
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
Long long ago Indian Sages had predicted
There would be a time
*** would dominate people's mind
Their prophecy is coming true
*** is increasingly prevailing over minds
Younger and old alike
Internet has opened floodgates of *** material
****** floodgates are open round the year
While hydraulic floodgates open during torrential rains
****** jump dissipates
*** energy
Similar fashion hydraulic jump dissipates kinetic energy
Fornication is common
Pre-marital *** a test paper examination
Where both are examiners as well as students
It's becoming a great menace
When it comes to minors
Parents fail to keep check on their children
What's taboo for them
Children learn to raise their ***** while raising their fingers on the key pad
To curb increasing ****** activities on the internet
Which is becoming a bane for the society
I suggest the Govts. bring a legislation
Imposing '*** Tax' for internet users on data used on *** material
*** Tax be deducted at source by the Internet Service Providers
Filling Govts. coffers for social welfare
Undesirable ****** activities on the internet would be curbed
When their pockets are hurt
Modalities may be worked out by the Tax Experts
I have to make a few suggestions here
Filing of '*** Tax Returns' by the Internet Users should be dispensed with altogether
Penal rate ten times the normal '*** Tax' rate should be imposed
On Legislators who watch **** during business hours
Besides this, the Speaker of the House should be given special powers
Call such Hon'ble Legislators to the well of the House
And give ten pinches on their *****
So, in public interest
It's my advice to the Govts.
Please introduce '*** Tax' for Internet Users
Curbing the menace in the current situation!
Anais Vionet Jul 2020
I’ve been working on my website - it’s been neglected far too long.
I’ve been wearing out Spotify - I may have listened to every song.
I walk five miles a day - because you’ve got to get outside
and I can easily spend an hour a day on “Just Dance” exercise.
I’ve been taking free on-line courses at “open university”
They have a thousand choices - an almost endless diversity.
Have you ever heard of “Headspace” - it can help you to relax
If you haven’t tried meditation for stress - I think it’s unsurpassed.
I’m learning about meal planning and cooking things with ease
I’ve been Zooming with a friend in China, to freshen up my Cantonese.
Even with a thousand distractions - this lockdown is driving me crazy
But it isn’t because I have nothing to do, and it isn’t because I’m lazy.
People just need people - so that we can laugh, love and compete,
or simply be together - that’s how humans feel complete.
for all that we can do - the things we can't do drive me crazy
Anya Sep 2018
When I was young enough to remember
my dad told be not to be one
an "also ran"

It was only when I was older
I understood
She is a swimmer who has been to state
I also swam
She's gotten second place in piano state
I also played
She's the varsity goalie and incredibly athletic
I'm also a goalie
He's our debate team co-head and one of our best
I also debate
She's amazing at writing poetry
I also write
Her squash team got second in the state
I also play squash
She was the lead of the musical
I was also in the musical
I could keep going
But I think you get the point
So what,
if I've tried everything
do everything
know everything?

I have to find
that one thing I'll be the best at
I can't always be an also ran
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
What kind of non-human:
makes a bowl of oatmeal
adds chia and flax seeds
with a little bit of
light brown sugar
and eats it for breakfast?

What sort of creature:
packs a snack lunch
and eats it on a bench
before going to work?
the time we spend in doing things
we think are necessary
with hindsight may appear like idle play
wasting a precious part of the allotment
we have been given on this earth

the problem is we do not know

and so we take the risk and muddle on
trying to do our best
hoping it will not be our worst
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