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Laura Oct 2019
Visions of ****
And burglary
Dance around in my head
As darkness creeps over me
And I turn on all the lights
In my empty apartment
When you're not here
I toss and turn
Through the night
Popping sleeping pills
Just to catch a wink
Daydreams turn into
Night terrors
As the dog barks
At every little noise
Making me aware
Of all the scary things
Outside my window
Someone knocks at my door
But I'm not expecting company
Even with the deadbolt
I don't feel safe
In this big empty bed of mine
As I sleep alone
Laura Sep 2019
I fear the thought
of living without love
But more than that,
I fear the people
who are too afraid to love
because they'll never be able
to be real people
I fear these people
who choose to not love
because I don't know
if they're people at all
Laura Sep 2019
I've written
Of ****** love poems
For ****** guys
Who didn't mean ****
And now
I have someone
Who feels
Lucky to love me
And I'm choking
On my words
Stumbling over stanzas
Pushing out puns
I don't know
How to react
To something so good

You learn
To beg for love
When you're starving
You try to find it
In the darkest ******* places
And now
That I'm not hungry
Now that I'm being fed love
Served on a silver spoon
I keep waiting
For the knife
To come back out
When I least expect it
Laura Sep 2019
I feel our hearts pulse
In a rhythmic sort of way
Matching our hips
As we ****** and sway
Hands laced together
Bodies closer than ever

You tell me I'm beautiful
While you're inside me
You tell me you're lucky
Luckiest guy in the world
As we're making love
And all my insides engorge
At the thought of someone
Thinking I'm beautiful
While they're penetrating my body
Rather, my heart

I kiss your neck
Your cheek
Your ears
Every square inch of skin
My lips can find
Because I've lost the words
Those words that say
Thank you
So I keep grinding
And swaying
And kissing
And moaning
And biting
Hoping you understand
How much I love you
Laura Sep 2019
I want you to
Touch my body
Grab my thighs
With enough force
To take my breath away

Just barely feel
The leather paddle
On my skin
Before you bruise my body
Sending me into submission

Whisper ***** words
Across my chest
Each time you go
From ****** to ******

Shock me with electric stimulation
Feel the sparks fly
Between us
Between my legs

Vibrate my ****
While you find the good spot
The great spot
The most glorious spot there is
And watch me writhe and moan
While you do it

Bite my neck
My *******
My waist
Letting me know that I'm yours
When you leave a mark

Take over my body
And tie me up
Cover my eyes
Lick my body
Until you feel
A river release from me
Until you hear
An elongated opera from me
Until you see
A woman whipped for you
Laura Sep 2019
I want You here
with Me
all the time
I want You
to think about Me
when You are away
to dream about Me
when We're tangled up
in the same bed
I want You
to want My body
to crave a kiss
from only My lips
I don't want You
wanting other girls
just being with Me
while You wait
for the next best thing

I want to live with You
take showers with You
wash Your ***** laundry
and cook Your favorite meals
I want to spend as much time
as I possibly can
glued to Your side
kissing Your cheeks
holding Your hands
whispering sweet nothings
while We intertwine ourselves all night
under the glow of the lamp light
staying up way too late
and sleeping in until the dog wakes Us up

I'm just
too scared
to tell You
all these things
in case
You don't
want Me
the way
I want
Laura Aug 2019
You brought me out of
The darkness
Dusted my heart off
Gave it a little polish
Until you saw me shine
You took the cobwebs
And tossed them to the wind
With this new heart
Now up and running
You reminded me of
The feelings I thought I'd forgotten
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