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Lawrence Hall May 2021
Lawrence Hall

                                Peter­ Pan in Bowring Park

                 For Dan, who knows something of magic

                        “Do you want an adventure now,
                      or would like to have your tea first?”

                                          -Peter Pan

Sweet little bunnies browse and squirrels climb
And tiny mice and fairies give delight
To all the little ones of Newfoundland
Who visit Peter Pan in Bowring Park

He plays his pipes for them, and they can hear
The joyful music of his magic world
Where they may celebrate their pixie-dreams
At this bright second star from Kensington

And sing in peace their happy morning hymn
For darling little Betty, who waits for them

...the history behind Bowring Park's Peter Pan statue? — Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland & Labrador
"Second to the right," said Peter, "and then straight on till morning."

"What a funny address!"

Peter had a sinking. For the first time he felt that perhaps it was a funny address.
yashasweedas Sep 2020
The night grew darker and the babel hushed,
To their beds, the orphans rushed.
One by one sound asleep,
While through the curtain slit, Peter Pan peeped.

He crawled into the hut, silent as a grave
Played a melody, with an unusual octave.
That night had been quiet ghostly, odd and peculiar
Yet strangely enough, the orphans sensed no fear.

The melody chimed like a beautiful lullaby,
Frosty December cold seemed to have vanished, and it felt like warm July.
The misery and sorrow appeared to be ending,
As though time had stopped and reality was bending.

Soon it was morning with the crack of dawn,
But the hut lay silent, as if the children were gone.

With no guardians to search for the stray,
Lifeless bodies left on the floor, stiff and grey.
The little ones fell into a deep slumber, one with no breath,
A slumber that was led by the angel of death.

However, beneath the bed was a note that read,
“Off to Neverland, we now head”

                                                               ­                                                     -Yashaswee Das
I've always been amazed by the original Peter Pan book by J. M. Barrie and how its actually a lot darker than one might think. With that concept in mind I came up with this poem. Hope you like it :)
Eloisa May 2020
Her shoulders are tired carrying heavy loads.
While crawling, she began throwing away the logs, rocks, barbs, and thorns.
She replaced them with feathers and
flower-petalled wings to reach the moon.
The reason birds can fly and we can't is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.
J.M. Barrie
Sabila Siddiqui Feb 2020
Your thoughts are far from the ground,
Like cumulonimbus clouds thundering by
And pouring rain. 

Life seems to pass by, scattered and wispy 

with the sound of the wind like a whistling train playing
as you stare at the elusive silver lining.

The pit patter of Peter Pan being lost
dwells heavy in your heart,
As you revise the sequence of the cumulus memories.

Life paces
As you ignore the malice and bantering of the crowds
Sticking your head above up into the clouds
half-deaf to reality in the room.

You have a foot in a fairy tale,
And one in the abyss.
— SabilaSiddiqui ©
daisy Sep 2019
you took my hand,
we wrote a story that I thought
will never last
everything was just a fairytale
where I was playing the role of Tinkerbell
the girl who fell in love with Peter Pan
even though, Wendy was already holding his hands

you took me to neverland,
without thinking it would be this hard
for aiden
Yuri Jun 2019
Stay tonight,
Stay every night.
Fight what kills me,
when the darkness comes.
Take me to places,

Where just I would be your queen.

Look me in the
eyes, hold my hand,
Take me to neverland.
Where my heart can fly,
Beautifully upon the sky.
The crushing reality
stops in time.

And finally, your love is mine.

My little star,
shinning so bright.
You're my everything,
My only light.

So please... Just stay tonight.
Guy Furniture Jun 2019
I think about you every single day.
From the moment we first met,
To this moment today.

You simply amaze,
My heart is ablaze;
I fell for you in all sorts of ways.

Now here I am, missing you today,
As I sit here in silence, my heart feels astray.

And as the day comes to an end,
The thought of you drifts into my mind.
I lay back to relax,
After all, dreaming of you helps me unwind.

As I close my eyes,
The thought of us drifts through my head.
We're going places,
Full speed ahead.

You take my hand,
We're running through a prairie.
And before I know it,
We're surrounded by fairies.

To our left, there's a pirate,
Who's missing a hand?
"Look, flying above us!
It's Peter Pan!"

So Neverland is where you've decided to take me.
Where we never grow old, stay young, and fly freely.

Well, now it's my turn,
Take my hand and count down from three.
I'll give you a hint,
We'll be deep beneath the sea.

As you open your eyes you gasp!
We're right beside a whale.
I point down,
"Look, you've got a tail!

Come, follow me,
Through the deep blue sea.
I'll introduce you to my friends,
And of course, Chef Louis."

We swim down through a city,
To a palace, we are let in,
Where we meet Ariel, Flounder,
Sebastian, and of course,
King Triton.

A throwback to our childhood,
At least for me,
"I know you love water,
So let loose
Swim free"

After a while,
You give me a kiss,
"What was that for?" I ask
"It's for all of this"

You smile and say
"Even though this is great,
It's my turn now,
And I cannot wait."

You take my hand,
As we swim towards the sky.
"This time will be different,
It'll be just you and I."

"Where are we going?"
I begin to ask.
"You'll see soon enough,
Now put on this mask..."

"I feel so distant,
It's silent, are we far?"
You slide off my mask,
"Look at all those beautiful stars."

I stand there in awe,
Then look back to your face.
"Dear, wh-where are we?"
"You dingus, we're in space."

All around there are stars passing by.
To our right,
To our left,
Low and high.

"Dear, this is wonderful,
I love space!"
"I know," you say.
"It's an amazing place."

I hold your hands,
This dream has been so fine.
I lean towards you,
And feel your lips press up against mine.

As I open my eyes,
I'm back in my bed.

And missing you,
That's back in my head.
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