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I had a musical today.
We did Peter Pan.
It was fun,
Tomorrow we'll have to do it again
A "poem" every day
Stay tonight,
Stay every night.
Fight what kills me,
when the darkness comes.
Take me to places,

Where just I would be your queen.

Look me in the
eyes, hold my hand,
Take me to neverland.
Where my heart can fly,
Beautifully upon the sky.
The crushing reality
stops in time.

And finally, your love is mine.

My little star,
shinning so bright.
You're my everything,
My only light.

So please... Just stay tonight.
Guy Furniture Jun 27
I think about you every single day.
From the moment we first met,
To this moment today.

You simply amaze,
My heart is ablaze;
I fell for you in all sorts of ways.

Now here I am, missing you today,
As I sit here in silence, my heart feels astray.

And as the day comes to an end,
The thought of you drifts into my mind.
I lay back to relax,
After all, dreaming of you helps me unwind.

As I close my eyes,
The thought of us drifts through my head.
We're going places,
Full speed ahead.

You take my hand,
We're running through a prairie.
And before I know it,
We're surrounded by fairies.

To our left, there's a pirate,
Who's missing a hand?
"Look, flying above us!
It's Peter Pan!"

So Neverland is where you've decided to take me.
Where we never grow old, stay young, and fly freely.

Well, now it's my turn,
Take my hand and count down from three.
I'll give you a hint,
We'll be deep beneath the sea.

As you open your eyes you gasp!
We're right beside a whale.
I point down,
"Look, you've got a tail!

Come, follow me,
Through the deep blue sea.
I'll introduce you to my friends,
And of course, Chef Louis."

We swim down through a city,
To a palace, we are let in,
Where we meet Ariel, Flounder,
Sebastian, and of course,
King Triton.

A throwback to our childhood,
At least for me,
"I know you love water,
So let loose
Swim free"

After a while,
You give me a kiss,
"What was that for?" I ask
"It's for all of this"

You smile and say
"Even though this is great,
It's my turn now,
And I cannot wait."

You take my hand,
As we swim towards the sky.
"This time will be different,
It'll be just you and I."

"Where are we going?"
I begin to ask.
"You'll see soon enough,
Now put on this mask..."

"I feel so distant,
It's silent, are we far?"
You slide off my mask,
"Look at all those beautiful stars."

I stand there in awe,
Then look back to your face.
"Dear, wh-where are we?"
"You dingus, we're in space."

All around there are stars passing by.
To our right,
To our left,
Low and high.

"Dear, this is wonderful,
I love space!"
"I know," you say.
"It's an amazing place."

I hold your hands,
This dream has been so fine.
I lean towards you,
And feel your lips press up against mine.

As I open my eyes,
I'm back in my bed.

And missing you,
That's back in my head.
Noah Apr 16
If you wanna be a kid be a kid . If you dont wanna grow up you have time, I grew up too fast I left my childhood behind.If you want , you can always have mine.
To my Little Sis who has a imagination that goes to space.
Margot Apr 8
Two friends, two lively runaways
Skin tinted light bulb white-
A vague starched contrast to pistachio Mays

So many tides of turquoise fears
Lave rooted feet in flight unseen thus far  
In moon parade resulted earthly years
Few never landing kites are brushed against a shooting star

Wait! Now listen. There he comes.
Vein lianas pierce his pale wrists-
Pan plants steps on earthy lumps -
This straying soul the aging still resists

You may spot him in a forest
Leaving seasoned feral brae
With some berries wild in August,
Sweetening strangers' welcomed stay

"Have you seen my Darling, boys?
She wears ribbons in her hair
Darns old lovely teddy toys
Pray this life to her is fair."

"No, but say the author tells the truth
Lives your Wendy in a city
And her children know the sooth
They are little, yet so gritty"

Peter smiled :"Well, then I will bring them all
They'll attend the fairies' ball!
Now close your eyes and let us fall
If muffled in a fairy dust no harm will ever you befall

Onward, over a forgotten cave
Peter's flute in silence lays
Upward for a foggy cradle crave
Three flying figures in ablaze
A series called “Once Upon a Time” and two creative YouTubers Sam&Colby were my inspiration for this one. #onwardandupward
Arden Apr 1
I just realized that peter pan is actually an angel
And neverland is heaven
Those kids didn’t age because they were dead
I wish I didn’t age

I try to put my mental health before education
But then it affects my education which effects  
My mental health which effects my
Educ- you get it

Do you realize we are the kids our parents
Warned us about

I am an overly emotional
Distant private person
Who has the tendency to overshare at any moment
And I don’t know what the **** that means
But I'm going with it

This poem doesn’t really have a meaning
But I think that might be the meaning
Tee Morris Mar 18
You stole my heart
My adolescence too
Me, you, and lost boys march
We aren't scared of a crew

You sprinkled me with Pixi-Dust
And you saved me from growing older
You took me to Neverland
You flew me as I held onto your shoulders

Tinkerbelle and her Pixi-Dust
The captain and his hook
He kidnapped us and Tinkerbelle
But you saved us and we shall forever sail

The lost boy's imagination
Smiling is our declaration
For we are warriors
And you're my Peter Pan
~ Peter Pan is my saviour ~
I want to keep my inner child alive
The more mature I become, the faster he dies
I want to keep his wonder in my eyes
As my curiosity blurs along with time

Who he is, is getting harder to define
Losing his small hand's grip from mine
Maturation is going to make me blind
The vibrancy of my colours subsides

His childish traits are falling back inside
The outside world and him do not coincide
Hardening my heart that use to be kind
Leaving with his pieces that use to be mine

He retreats to the corners of my mind
Burying himself in memories of time
Because that is where his happiness lies
In my childhood when the world was wide

I place myself behind too many lines
Building a box using all the right signs
Growing up into expectations assigned
Resorting to a life so simplified
Abby Jan 28
I got asked a question today that made me think
“Do you believe in magic?” My dad asked as we drove past the mall
“Not the type of magic that’s in Harry Potter if that’s what you mean.”
We let the conversation end there but I’d like to elaborate a bit more if that’s okay
I don’t believe in the Harry Potter type magic
But I do believe that there is some type of magic in the world
There has to be
Don’t tell me that you’ve never looked a young child in the eyes on Christmas Day and not seen the light of magic
Don’t tell me that with every laugh surrounded by friends there isint just a little bit of you that believes
So yes, I’d like to say I believe in magic and maybe you should to
Sami Dec 2018
A place
That only exist
In the heart
Of those who believe
A heart that is young
Such as the single rose
beautiful, but needs
To be cared for
For those who feel
Like there's no hope
Close your eyes
For there is a Peter
In everyone
And Neverland
Is inside our spirit
Waiting to be found.
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