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Lucrezia M N Sep 2018
I cultivate the subsoil, the separation, the height,
the thoughts crossing the sky,
then I let them go.

The rhythm of new boundaries
It’s the beating of changes
I carry on ripening
and I give them a name, a sense,
as simple as it might be
is essential.
Any experience is a tile on the path of life which each time further seems to be safer, know, useful and understood. All makes sense in the end.
Lucrezia M N May 2018
The rain makes me weak
like it weakens the ears of wheat
bent down by the gray  
surroundings are compelled to.
Bound to a strange delight
my bones get soaked in the strain
and It's blemished everything I put out
Poured out

Never take too seriously the hopes of spring
They will last till the desert dry summer.
Last year’s spring brought me an hope. Soon everything went wrong, no matter my efforts. That totally drained me... most part of my vital juice turned into dropping tears... and lots of rainy days didn’t help. This is the time around I’m better keep the lesson in mind. Here you are finally a new poem after almost an intire year of not being able to express myself through words, just this few lines back to last June. Time of many changes and you’ll hear about that soon
Lucrezia M N May 2017
Rising urge
of looking outside.
The window
almost wants me to draw near
and the full morning light
comes right in.
No good reasons for,
that knocks me inside
like my own thoughts,
fluttering and spinning around
In search of ease
and breakthroughs.

So much room
for the spring to leak on me
seeping in, through
the sheer white curtains
I would pull back,
cause where I can see you
any clear vision is so rare.
Not just in my head
new lifetimes call
for the great unknown
to get me outside.
Rising urge...
ever since you.
Funny how a familiar face can be so far for decades and once is back, nothing changed how affective can be to you... to me, it just made me feel alive in new ways that are walking me into tomorrow... likely without that familiar face again... or not the way I loved to... but ok...
Lucrezia M N Feb 2017
A slightly crooked little smile
upon getting a sense
of the game it all feels to be,
it shouldn't make me tense
as long as I can see...

So I try to take on and play
and yet my shoulder hurt
on a daily basis overcome...
when you turn away into the unknown.

Hide and seek.
fun and free
erratic time given to each other,

Live and learn
get and let go
something to survive one another.

So I try and win a little more
over this weakness I have,
as lust over love does then...
when you return so intimately warm.

You flee and you chase
I take you by the hand
somewhere in between
I adore and I hate
you take me away in the end..

Maybe one of us is to win or lose
or maybe this way no one ever could ...
Lines as simple as a kids' game... where my refined and complex taste for poetry has gone? maybe cause lately I can't figure it out how feelings are contrasting myself... when things seems so wrong, but I can see the most little thing to feel right and holding on to it, I really don't know what to do... and how to come out with a worthy write... but I must wrote it, the only thing I could do to let go a little bit of my overflowing , intoxicating thoughts ...
Lucrezia M N Dec 2016
Little things started to rile
by all odds,
not quite like the ache
head leant against your back.

Under cover a long dull hum
I thought of ghosts,
but I faced down the quake
until your aura had been caved in.

Like a god in disguise from on high
withdrawn with no words
but with human inability to break
and get the best from doing wrong.

Little tale or true story
him and her trying each other out
but got back to the ways of their own.
"The pagan and the profane on an isle."
I only told about the way the story ended up...with no happy ending... but I've learned so much, first of all to recognize more clearly what are the things I must feel guilty for and what I can light-hearted say it's someone else's fault... the last line could be the title of this tale.
Ps. this is kind of strange write to me actually... not totally happy with that , I know it's a little too personal... but the time to finish it and letting it go has come...
Lucrezia M N Dec 2016
There are fears
I can't stand for
when there are reasons
to get out from under them

We cast stones
and hide the hand
for there are chances
To find we're doing too well

Lying to ourselves
wanting it all here and now
complaining about frustration
but so afraid of existencially change

Scared of the truth
we don't want to know,
carrying our heavy brains along
that feel so full and despoiled the same

So high and dry
once roots pull us deeper
we're too fooled and stuck
But eyes start whining shouting out loud

We pretend to care
of our mistreated spirit
but it's left alone fixing us
spilling visions of good things

bigger and closer than they really were
somehow kept in mind by heart
because being made of love
we're meant to see and feel
and be who we really are.
We do things in life that make us who we are, that's why we change, but please keep in touch with your true self which grows up with you, getting older and wiser as you do. Be true, search for the truth, give truth, don't act like you think others want you to be, don't do things they want you to do just to be accepted... don't make anybody fool... it's not good for them and for you first of all.
I was so craving for writing a new piece that maybe it is not really good... But inspiration and intentions are authentic.
Lucrezia M N Jul 2016
Something bigger than I am,
those shoulders over mine
and faster than I can be,
cannibalizing time,
it's not sad,
I'm not sad...

Someway it's worth one's while
seizing bubbles from reverie
and in between no crime,
starving now and then
I'm not dying,
it's not dying

What comes by nature grows,
poignant embrace to abide by.
To sharpen up a stem to a lilac rose
leaves bewildered but crucially alive
it's just my thought...
I'm just in a thought

But first I am
real and here
on my own to venture onward.
What goes around, comes around... This time it's Love in all its mutual, strange, controversial, harsh, stupid, free and countless ways... And I'm gratefully blessed, as quick as it's been though, that it came around, for it never leaves without letting you grasp somethings unconditionally good.
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