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anonymous Jul 3
The quiet hiss of the gas stove ---
I wonder if it would be painful
anonymous Jul 2
remembering that
i am just one cell in this body
makes it easy to forgive
anonymous Jul 2
ghosts outnumber us but
someday we will join them
looking out from plastic-strewn beaches
upon slowly boiling oceans
anonymous Jul 2
the days stack up like jenga tiles
anonymous Dec 2016
"i wanted to write a poem about you and us and the nature of impermanence and the wood fire (in a bucket in front of a recently gentrification-closed cafe that you were protecting from misdirected vandalism) that drew me to you and perfumes the green beanie i still haven't washed and the last lemon i have from the tree behind the cafe and the pain we tenderly inflicted but this is all i have" [that's the title]

we were strangers until
we weren't
until we were again
anonymous Dec 2016
"I want to kiss you," she says,
"but only if you promise
I won't end up in a poem."
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