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Nathalie Mar 31
There is beauty in her eyes
A reflection of the
World she holds inside
Nothing escapes her
She has danced with
The embers of curiosity
She has embraced
The inklings of guidance
She has surrendered
To adventures of mad love
She knows how precious
Life is…
It’s an abundance of gifts
And she chooses to
Unwrap all of its surprises
consistently and gratefully

liv Mar 2018
I sought a small space called quiet
and silence found me
wrapped me up with comfort
held me gently with the strength of a mountain
healed me all the way through
loved me as a child
rejoiced and danced
and carried me into eternity
Tallie Feb 2018
Freckles danced on her skin
Dolphins swimmed in her eyes
Caramel strickled down her hair
The shield held well for her broken soul
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
I am parched,
I am starved,
Cried the little leaf,
Steeped in grief.
The branch swayed it to sleep,
Embracing it in a firm grip.
Suddenly the clouds bellowed,
The skies opened,
The trees woke up with a start,
Silver drops of rain drenched the bark,
To the roots they streamed,
The barren land screamed,
As the downpour on it tapdanced,
Soaking the caked earth ,
Filling it with joy and mirth.
The air was rich with sweet petrichor of rain,
The little leaf chuckled again and again,
The green colour surged in its vein.
The landscape beamed,
As the rain strummed and drummed,
Tinkled and thrummed,
While the wind played heavenly symphony.
Long awaited rain beings  joy and laughter.It brings new life.
Shae Nicole Nov 2016
It is late. Time is slipping still
Right through my fingers.
Hard against my will
This taste of liquor lingers,
Urging me to take a drink and
Lose myself. But then I find
His fingertips gently brush hands
When his soul is absent from mind.
In a free fall, he sees
What I know. The whisky illuminates
The path between the trees,
The path we walked in many states-

I stood on his toes
And we danced.
I don't think alcohol brings out the crazy, I think it brings out the deepest truth
IsReaL E Summers Nov 2015
A thousand shouting calvary
Raise arms and tails
They surround me
On all sides
No where to run
No where to hide
But as the guitar slides
My dreaming becomes
Thru the meadows of metal
Luscious as laced lasses
Eyes green as the greenest grasses
With big ol'
Glasses, of wine-for-the-soul,
The beats move my control
From hot to cold
Im frank,
Your bold
Hold strong
It won't be too long now
Till we dance and sing
He died for you too
"dah de by o"
Yes, YOU too!
Danced danceDANCE DANCEdance dancing dance dancers dancing dancedance sing singers singing song sung
Ashley K Dec 2014
Every night I go down my secret staircase I have in my bedroom
No one knows about it expect me of cores
When the clock strikes midnight
I open the green door behind my bed
And start to quietly walk down my secret staircase
I magically turn into a beautiful lady when I touch the final step
The room is beautiful
It has many pathways to a new journey
In one room I fought a bear
In the other I danced with my princess
Even in the last room to the right I slayed a dragon!
Each room is amazing and great each experience
A new start and ending to every adventure
I'm posting a new poem everyday!

— The End —