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Lady of the lonely street
Why do you smile so sadly?
Are your days just as sour as mine?
Or do you bare a pain born of the mind?
I wonder if one day
You'll see me walking too,
See I'm just like you,
I bare a sad smile too.
I speak in monologues
So I don't feel so alone.
I try to fill the empty pauses
with these skeletal thoughts,
Fragments of time locked in my words.

These numb dumb thoughts echo in my head.
Maybe I'll write them down
So my words will fill the empty spaces.
A compendium of romantic tragedies
Drunk in my trauma and

I'm just another moody poet
With no story to tell
mark soltero Oct 2020
sometimes I lay awake at night
and fixate on things I shouldn’t
whispers of my own transgressions linger

although it seems disingenuous
I am eager to fill the space
between this world and the old

please ward away the chilling breeze
make them apologize
because silence was one of my worst decrees
Brian Hoffman Sep 2020
So shut off the lights and close your eyes
The demons come crawling in
Their creeping deep inside
These shallow thoughts now becoming so vivid during the eerie nights
It’s definitely not alright
Can’t seem to escape them or break the chains they display in your mind
Constantly battling the urge to feel the pain their causing you inside
It’s taking such a toll on one’s daily life  
Missing the bright crystal blue skies in the days we often felt alive
Moods constantly changing like the seasons and in our heads their telling us “trust it’ll be fine”
Can’t seem to shake them in the darkest of times
Can’t seem to break them out of the chains that they live shackling inside
Getting tired and restless it’s becoming so hectic
Don’t sleep well most nights
Should we just slip and let them rip us alive?

-Brian Hoffman (9-13-20)
Elemenohp Aug 2020
Daylight is fading.. the night sky will soon envelop my world.
The light will fade away from day, til darkness is the only thing to stay.
And all I can do is watch.
rachel martin Aug 2020
I play the fool for something more sinister,

There is no compass arrow or

answers in tarot

or time.
Sometimes thing happen and there is no reason
Juniper Jul 2020
it’s dark
storming, loud
the rain spatters my windshield
leaves me nearly blind

i don’t see the blur
sandy brown fur, beady glowing eyes
until i hit it head on
my life flashes

on the side of the road
fading out in the ditch
i stare at the beast
in this moment, we are one in the same
driving in the rain at night scares me
Van Xuan Jun 2020
It's raining again

It's always like this
Every time rain starts
My mood starts to plummet

As the rain drops on the ground
It echoes loudly
On my hollow heart
Lacey Clark Jun 2020
I keep getting drawn by
The pleasure and pull of dissociation
Of being idol
I'm staring at the buzzing energy in between objects
thinking about the gravitational pull
of my own mood
wrote this while I was drunk and ignoring people at a party
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