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Pagan Paul May 8
The melancholy sound of a trumpet seeks refuge in the night,
as a snare is brushed gently and cymbal tapped light,
the far away strum of a guitars soft dreamy strings,
playing the music that compliments what a lone voice sings.

Cigarette smoke hangs heavy like fog on the old river,
the ****** sit at the bar sipping bourbon hand delivered,
the romantics dance on a floor that whispers charms,
planning their moves with the lover held in their arms.

The street light barely penetrates the grubby glass,
the bar winds down as yet another night goes passed,
customers sway at tables as they embrace a cloak
of the heady scent and high effect of marijuana smoke.
Joshua Phelps Jan 31
another day
into the next

nothing changes
except the test

same sun,
rain, and

same ****
life, same ****

and can't make
sense of self

the words in my
head blur

and i'm right
back to the

same **** life,
same **** high

stuck in the middle,
with no one to save me
this time.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2023
Ripped emotions grip tight
On a roller-coaster riding
Show you my ups and downs
Darker side not hiding

Sometimes drops are slight
When my disposition is sweet
But don't dare to push the wrong button
Or I'll have you flying out of your seat

Although I may appear normal
Never doubt what is underneath skin
Past my grinning surface chaos is clear
Throughout thoughts is perversity prowling within

Put me into a locked padded cell
To completely lose my mind
Uncontrollable mood swings are not what I choose
Sanity snaps leaving reality behind
Written back when my mental state was not nearly as stable as it is now... Not that it is 100% stable now but so much better in comparison
Mazzy Ram Jun 2023
All      the states
I try to   escape
I compare
       power lost in despair
         Here's a cheesy poem about
       my fears  
   morphed into conflicting parts
        When will I get respite?  
From the waves
       I love waves
Not my own wavE
M Apr 2022
"You are not drowning"
Yet, CoStar.
I'm not sure if its amnesia im afraid of, or the mere thought that memories are no solid proof of living.
I'm back.. **** it's been a minute
Katie Mar 2022
A pit far deeper than I know
Is all I care to measure now.
Am I destined to mourn so?
Too many things I choose to disavow.
Yet, I'm fully aware of this.
Why must I embrace this abyss?
Repeat my name in each verse
Flowing within melodies

Sing me to sleep
A lullaby or a love verse
Take me into a new universe
Every time you say my name

Repeat this tune
And play it all-day
Until the day comes
We could be in each other's arms
rewind these tape, play it once or twice
can't get enough of you
Atlas Aug 2021
I mourn all the dreams I can’t recall when morning comes
All the moments I was moving too fast to cherish what I love
I mourn the friends who left and went on to better things
The ones who out grew me
The ones who pretend they don’t remember how we used to know the secrets no one else knew

I know I behave like a child sometimes
Throwing temper tantrums and pretending like I don’t want to cry
I know I act like I am not affected by it all
Like my life is full of sunshine even in the nighttime
I’m so tired of the charade
Are you someone I can count on
To be okay with me
Even when it rains
Brandon Aug 2021
Walking home, I told you I've been down this road before
Broken communication, insecure intimacy; what a toll
Emotionally vacant, there was no saving our chemistry
This version of the ending's nothing new to me
We met one day and in my eyes, I foresaw a flourishing life
The heartache burned my silky strings
The pain was sharper than a yellow jacket's sting
The confirmation in your eyes was colder than a winter's eye
My fingertips caressed your face once, it melted my cloudy sky
Our political and social morals disrupted our beautiful contortion
Like bi-polar seasons, the effort was that of feedback distortion
You drowned in your insecurities and blocked any trust in me
As the bed we slept in had no portion for me to lie in
I smelt smoke from inside; my strings were crying for waves of blue
breakups are unfortunate because for the most part, you don't see them coming to an end. we're so caught up in our rose-colored glasses that the red flags glide right past us until the relationship status changes. communication is so important in keeping a relationship thriving. if you don't have that, then it'll wither away like your favorite flower.
M Jul 2021
It’s not that she doesn’t wanna write anymore, but her fingers don’t see the point in dragging some Letters to form meaningless sentences.
She digs deeper into her skin, leaving ****** marks, smearing them into a circle.
Taking that as a reply to her inner question “who are you?” To which this answers loud and clear- a sewer rat.
You heard me, a rat.
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