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A-McIntyre Aug 2019
i find it hard to comprehend the brightness of your light in my darkness. i find it hard to see that i could do the same. my spirit lifts to hear your voice, my head gets dizzy to hear your name. your laughter envelops me, your kindness an avalanche of mixed feelings and emotions. i don't believe this is real. i stumbled down, into the ocean, fighting for my breath, you came and saved me, without question, without taking rest. that sounds big, because it is, you know not what you've done. until i wake up, ill just be thankful, of all the people you could have tried to save, i somehow was the one.
Ken Voltaire Jan 2019
Your rose petal lips kiss breezes softly by.
Along your cheeks,
Glassy rivers smoothly glide.
Two bright suns peek out from beneath moonlit sky,
Overlapped with rich darkness,
Beautiful and shy.
From a mountain of the gentlest curve,
A gust of wind comes down,
Scattering your rose petals all around.
Containing all of these wonders,
A valley.
Two crests so very distant,
Come slowly together, down.
Between these crests,
The mountain, the rivers, the roses, breeze, moonlit sky, and suns,
All lie,
And hence is where your beauty can always be found.
Dani Dec 2018
You drew me in, in that special way you do
Pulled into your space without resistance
A deer in headlights in total awe of you
Frozen and nervous, between us there is zero distance
Crashed into each other slowly like waves in the ocean
Beautiful and harsh, full of passion
Water to sand, meshing together in slow motion
Fierce with lust, and an undeniable connection
The sweet taste of your lips on mine
Makes butterflies swarm my whole body
Hidden nerves, corner kisses, crossing the line
We don’t mind, and it’s fun being naughty

So to you I raise my glass
Cheers for bringing me intoxication
A toast for every slap of my ***
A smile, for every bit of our infatuation
forestfaith Oct 2018
I stand in awe.
In awestruck-awe.
I see no flaws.
Even with my faith I see no flaws.
Crazy, mad, impossible, some would have said if they knew just a bite-size of your grace oh God.
How I stand in the middle of your radar.
As the waves and frequencies of your grace surrounds me.
The only fear I would have is that it would be too overwhelming for me to take in.
When the devil says you don't love me.
Remind me to see the horizon.
An endless, endless, endless, stretch of grace.
As my sin increased, your grace increased...all the more.
Because it's endless I would not be able to wrap my head around it and make sense of it.
Only to make sense, something that is so profound, and absolutely indescribable. Even the word 'indescribable' alone won't fit it.
Let alone your grace, how about your love. Your mercy. Your power. Your majesty.
Endless catalogs and memoirs of what you have done for me.
Never a remembrance because they aren't dead. No.
When anxiety comes, God, remind me of your word. Your promises.

Ocean of grace.
Not yet, have I seen your face.
I wait till that day, just push me at your own pace, and carry me closer and closer to your face, as I slowly fade....
May I never yawn at your majesty God, how often we ever yawn at your majesty...
I've had poems written about me
I guess it's the payoff for writing devoutly
I don't want to be cloutly
But I accept that it's there
I never knew I'd entertain a thought
Leaving anyone awestruck and distraught
What a magic the good lord brought
Upon a fellow like me.
traces of being Aug 2016
Moonflower petals secreted nectar                          
the lovely sublimity of blossoming flower

Tall, thin~stemmed ,  pastel flesh~
bud to open          
only after nightfall

An elicit echo                                
the way moonlight reflects
on warm raindrop
impearled *******

Her moist curvaceous silhouette  
night~blooming lilt
with summer breeze
dulcet sway

Window open ,                              
sultry , and raining in            
single delicate petal cast off  
like a party dress fallen
in a beautiful mess
upon the rain puddled
wooden floor

Entrancing shadow cast              
a pleasing taste            
the flower’s exotic fruit

Satiate the hidden hunger        
mirrored within                 
all – devouring            
deep brown eyes 

Writhed in the beautiful                
passion throes              

the naked sweetness              
of the wanton agony exposed

✩ ✩☺ ✩ ✩
Moonflower blooms under a sky full of stars
Daylily opens beneath earth's brightest star
delicate floral flesh and pollination
scented soft spring breeze
~ sensual enchantment ~
Jose Gonzalez Apr 2016
Having laid my eyes to witness beauty, true of form, shown before me.
How it's haunting was thought of in my mind, appearing in randomness, silent of times.
My thoughts are with more frequency, closer, near touching of skin and core.
Sensing in intensity throughout, triggered at any given moment any within.

My heart races in waiting, my mind filled, consumed of it's power.
It's becoming intertwined, joining, buckling me down to knees.
It speaks in my thoughts, am powerless to her drawing upon the heart and soul.
Wrapping me into submission, am giving in willfully,  no sense to be made.
I am in daily prayer to understand, seeking knowledge of how it affects, to why I see!

I am to bare, no longer to resist, fully taken and under it's spell. A haunting it is no more, part of me always, seeded within.
A possession by it's will, by which there shall be no cleanse.
My soul has, and forever visited by her beauty.

Till the hereafter and beyond, I am marked by who she is.

Copyright © Jose Gonzalez2016
"Haunting" here is not meant as a terrible experience, but rather how it can affect one when it happens.
Jack Jenkins Apr 2016
Oh, the stars that are alight in the vast darkness we call sky,
So beautiful, but so far away,
So large, but only a twinkle to our miniscule eyes,
How is it with all our knowledge and ambition,
All our strides to seek the unknown,
That we can only yet dream of touching a star?
We are but children, attempting to see the universe, through the keyhole of a door.
So I keep to my dreams that I may fly on a shooting star.
brandon nagley Nov 2015

At the fore of the gateway
Precious stone's exhibited;
Her beauty and grace.


A crystal shined gold
Floweth from her soul;
Mine soulmate of heaven's place.


From her feet
To her waist;
A wine of jasper grape's.


Inside her ambience rested
Sapphire, chalcedony
Emerald, sardonyx
Sardius, chrysolite
Beryl, topaz,


I was awestruck
God gaveth me unadulterated holiness;
I am verily hooked
To mine queen, mine Jane, mine happiness.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedication-Filipino rose
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