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Jieun Feb 2020
You were supposed to love me
more than anything
you were supposed to see
how much I'm breaking
But instead, you caused me pain
and now the wounds show up again
I was never mad...
i was only in pain
Rashmi Sep 2019
मुझे ये पता है हम कभी साथ नहीं हो सकते
पर दूर जाने के ज़िद भी ना थी मेरी
चाहती थी तुझे अपनी जिंदगी में
क्योंकि इस झूठी दुनिया मे
सच्चा सा अपना सा लगता था तू,
पर मै इतनी खुदगर्ज नहीं होना चाहती
कि मेरी खुशी के लिए
तू अपने आप को रोके
तुझे दुखी करू अपने लिए
कभी नहीं चाहूंगी ऐसा
बस इसलिए दूर करती हूं
तुझे अपने आप से
तुझे दुखी करने का
कोई इरादा नहीं होता मेरा
बस और दर्द ना दू यही कोशिश करती हूं
इसलिए तो तुझसे गैरो सा
बर्ताव करती हूं
Faizel Farzee Sep 2019
Erupted feelings from a volcanic mind, embedded to these pages
ashen soul and broken heart, armed emotions rages

The thoughts i bleed from an open wound, comes from deep within
A place unknown, it's unexplored terrain, it's a stranger to my skin

Flashing words moves lightning quick, disappears within my soul
with a thunderous sound to the speed of light, my innocence it control

Dreams becomes my nightmare, with eerie thoughts i wake
Sleep walking through these ghostly nights, hoping i don't break

The feelings i am touching, it has a sense of wonder
Yet every-time my heads above water, i feel like going under

Drowning in an ocean of thoughts, waves of emotion crashed over me
Sometimes i wish my past could meet my future, together we could flee

How i wish sometimes i can disappear, leave this exit door of strife
get into an elevator,  and elevate my crippled life

These marathon of thoughts, slowly running through my head
Is simply to let my lifeless soul know, that i'm not truly dead.
When your feelings escape you, and you chasing them down,
remember to be breathe, we above water, don't drown
They will soon return, although somewhat numb
it's better than dying, livings more fun.
Aztec Cathrine Apr 2019
A girl who has Good Vibes.
She thinks she's super ugly but actually really pretty.
She can sometimes have really bad depression but hide it really well.
They have a past that no one really knows.
They have really good taste in fashion, but have a different style then most.
Most people like her.
If guys like her they'll keep it a secret and reject that they do.
She also doesn't think she can sing but people tell her other wise. She stands up for what she believes in and defends people.
They have a smile that lights up the room and really pretty eyes. She doesn't date a lot.
If she likes you its obvious.
She can get made fun of sometimes.
If she has a problem she isn't going to tell anyone.
At party's she's the life of it.
She loves to dance.
This... is me.
I am Sierra.
This is the definition of my name. I feel that most of it is true.
Asonna Mar 2019
Music, she soothes me. Keeping my calm before any storm.
Her swerves and curves to the melody enchants me,
Keeps a hurting heart to a hum.
Eyes closed to a still composure, inhaling sweet composition.
She listens to how I feel, when I feel it.
Touching my body and soul.
Music, she knows me. Tailored to emotional perfection.
Tell me about your broken heart, the things you have lost
because I know I've lost it all too.
Eyes open, living in slow motion, everything's lightning around me.
But when i listen to her story, her journey to tell
She takes me away, breath and all.
Asonna Mar 2019
Warm on the outside.
Cold on the in.
Walls that develop enclosure.
Segregation of a compassionate soul
Torn to a mind set of old.
Aches beat still of a damaged heart,
Effort isnt in control.
Motivation at wonderland speed
supressed by depression and tolls.
Arcassin B Feb 2019
By Arcassin Burnham

When reality *****,
Wiping birds from your face,
Wiping sweat from your face,
Wiping tears from your face,
Hand cramps all over from the work you do,
You could choose to leave , man it's up to you,
Pacing back and forth between these vices,
Many different realms and realities,
So much of what the universe could take,
Will this love last to just up see your little heart break?
Can't stand to see you crying , but can I really relate?
Is our friendship really a mistake?
We go through depression , anxiety,
More depression and anxiety,
Two secret we can't hide from this wicked society,
**** boys are ignorant , different varieties,
And family ain't **** nowadays but that's life,
Burn it up , smoke it up then be contained with red eyes.
allison Feb 2019
in                      my

float          ­                                              
                  ­                                                           around
until                                      they
come      ­                            
the thoughts in my mind float around until they come together.
in case you can't read it.
Aztec Cathrine Feb 2019
I'm trying to act like a normal person.
I'm trying to act like my mentality is stable.
I'm trying to act like I am happy.
I'm trying to push away depression.
I'm trying.
I'm getting nowhere.
Is my trying good enough?
Our am I not trying hard enough?
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