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Jieun Feb 2020
what if one day,
i wont remember who you are?

what if one moment will cause me,
to forget all the memories we share?

Will you take my hand?
and try to understand?

or will you let me go?
if you do, just please let me know

but i promise you, if you stay
i'll remember it all again one day

because i may forget who i was,
but never who i loved...

my heart won't forget you...
starstrike Mar 2019
Forget you
I have to
Six years and nothing to show
but singeing cold
and Melancholy’s sweet glow

Forget you
I have to
Six years of arduous arguments
and confidence sold?
Yeah, good riddance

Forget you
I have to
Six years of-
of cosmic conversation
undulating revelations

Six years of-
of seismic adventure
prismatic music creation
both of us our best contender
learning to wake from the world’s sedation

Don’t go
Six years carved my soul...
But alas, that didn’t matter
****! Clouds shattered

You forgot me without error
But forget you?
I could never
Dazed Dreaming Apr 2018
My best dreams,
and my nightmares...
Always have the same people in them...

SonLy Mar 2018
Give me a break and let me breathe
Because even in my dreams I can not be
Without losing everything and getting sick of this
I don't know if they're worth,
Those hours when we close our eyes
To avoid seeing this side of life
Because what started being the most beautiful thing I've felt
Turned out being the nightmare that chases me everyday
I'm just tired...
I wish I could take you out from myself
But it seems that you're the evil that I can not forget
Hopefully I'll get some rest and be again that happy man you met
This is the poem that I send to be accepted here
Paige Feb 2017
He spoke his words
Out came the truth
They felt like swords
Shattering the eternal youth
I guess it is time to let things go
For my time it ticking away
I am tired of putting up a heartless show
The words I thought will never come out to say
Antipodean Jan 2015
I have made a list
Of things to forget
I have not a wish
To repay these debts
Or be reminded
Of time that was spent
Together yet divided
No plan to repent
For immoral sins
To look over my
Regrets, nor take a spin
At the start and retry
To untie the wrongs
Inflicted by you
Feelings which you long
To have me undo
I just want a list
That will get me to
The end of the gist
A new point of view
That won’t include you
But here is the twist
Every time I inspect
My forget you sheet
I begin to reflect
On what I’d delete
Now an unfortunate
Reminding portrait
Of all the things I want to forget
Camila Feb 2014
I cut my hair,
the tips that you liked curlying around your fingers while you sang are now gone.
I painted it with sunshine rays,
To surround me with all the light I've been needing since the last time I got blinded by yours.
And that flock of hair that was shorter from that time I accidentally burned it trying to light you a cigarrette, the one that made me smile with its stubborness to stay still, the one that reminded me of our first night, it has growned.

— The End —