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Damon Robinson Feb 2020
I am a warrior.

tell me that I am not,
and you will have some fiercely chosen words hurled at you

you see
i have fought many a doubter,

kept at bay
without ever being a shouter.

but, I am a warrior,
i go to war every day.
fighting against the overarching flames
entangling me in its’ depth.
forcing me to pry its' grasp away from my throat
giving me just enough air to say 'good morning.'

'I’m fine.'
I don't talk about my emotions too much, but I've realized that I've been feeling a lot more anxious this past year. It's a shame it's still so hard to talk about.
Ayn Dec 2019
I sit still every day,
Well I mean my mind does,
Anticipating for things
that may not ever come.

My social anxiety has
Twisted it’s venomous
Thorned rose around my
Otherwise unsullied mind,
Poisoning it, cursing it,
Making it unable to communicate,
Having me draw immense suffering
From the excruciation of socialization.
But yet it gives me intensified
deprivation of such activities.

Sometimes I wait for what will never come,
And with each passing minute,
The thorns grow larger as well as sharper,
Getting a larger hold on my ****** up mind.
There’s a long story behind this one, and I’m lazy Bc it’s 12:30 am. Sorry if you wanted to know. Relatable? Idk.
allison Feb 2019
in                      my

float          ­                                              
                  ­                                                           around
until                                      they
come      ­                            
the thoughts in my mind float around until they come together.
in case you can't read it.
Paige Error Nov 2018
My day ******.  Walk down the street and flash smiles at familiar faces.  Deep down though you feel that its nothing.  People walking past, keeping up their appearance, never letting down their guard or letting people know their true self.  No one walks past really caring how your day went, what you are going through, or what is motivating you to keep going.  They walk past flash their fake smiles and keep on with their day because just like your day, their day ****** too.  It seems like we are on a hamster wheel never-ending, continuous, and just draining.  Each day we get on and wear ourselves out, for what?  Searching for answers, seeking purpose, guarding our emotions, and hiding our true selves.  Why can't we just open up?  Why not just let loose and just say whatever, who cares, eff it, because in the end does it really matter?  Do the small talk and the fake smiles really make a difference for other people in our lives? Or are we putting on appearances that are unnecessary and relentless and simply just exhausting? We must make other people's days while our days ****, day in and day out.  We don't need a world full of Oscar the Grouches, but why can't we just try to be real and find true human connection.  The more we seek this, the less happy we all become, so why not just stop acting and start being real, so you can help other people realize that their is possibly a light at the end of their tunnel, just like their could be for you.  Who knows, your sucky day could just be the start of something great, or not...but you won't know until you push through and make it your journey, your adventure, your week, your day, or even just your little moment.  So when you think your life *****, know that issa mood. -ZZ
Alex Smith Oct 2018
My mistake
Was loving you too hard.
My regret
Was never telling you
That I needed love back.
Lauren Leal Sep 2017
My mind is calm and clear
I don't have anything to hear
Just the warmth on my back
My demons don't give me flack
Thirty minutes of peace in mind
Slowly fading as the gears grind
For a moment I am not depressed or sad
I'm not overwhelmed or mad
Just satisfied that I got the will to not cower
To simply get up, and shower
Depression is ruthless, days roll by before you've realized that you've not been taking care of yourself.

Side note: I clean myself. No worries.
NeroameeAlucard Jun 2017
"Not interested. "
"We're sorry but we're not hiring at this time. "
Getting that email
Again and again
Is why i write this rhyme.

What am i doing wrong?
Did i really offend or upend someone?
Why do i keep getting my hopes up?
How do i find the audacity to hope,
Again then i get dumped on like a truck?

Unemployment *****
NeroameeAlucard Aug 2016
That line in the sand
Overlooking the warm and welcoming sea
I walked up to the line and stared at it intently
And in those moments a war was waged within me, my head and heart both taking opposing sides
Here I'll relay as much of that intense conversation, from beside the battle lines

Brain: we shall not cross that line! For who knows what could be waiting on the other side!
There could be crippling danger or possible injury! Diseases and financial ruin could lie across that line!

And my heart took those sentiments in kind, and then responded with the following reply

Heart: we must cross this line! Not knowing is part of the thrill! And you're right we could be hurt crossing over to the other side! But that's part of life so just chill! There could be Love and adventure, wealth both in money and in experience and enjoyment of our surroundings! We've starved in life for too long and it's time we move forward by boldly leaping and bounding!

I guess, like two face I'm in two minds about my situation
But I'd rather consider my options and move decisively than run blindly in like LEEEEROOOYYYYYY JEEEENNNNNKINNNNS
NeroameeAlucard Jul 2016
Allow me to rant like a vulture with no carrion, I'm carrying a burden that's stiffer than Shinsuke Nakamura revolving around something simple, my job.

Now let me start of by saying I like my job, it's simple and pays a decent wage
But I'm incensed at myself, it's a never ceasing rage

Because it's natural to want out of the nest, but dear old mom's job market is phasing out
And I'm caught between her and my own nagging self doubt

Because I want to move away, have my own Corner of the earth
But every time I want to get serious about this ambition I think of her being physically or financially hurt

So I'm stuck in a position that makes no sense

Maybe, just maybe that's why I'm incensed
Mia Lee Dunbar Aug 2015
I remember a time when the world was just a babe
Innocent  and untouched by man
The rolling ever green hills shimmered in the sun as morning dew clung to each blade of grass
A certain kind of serenity comes from the silence of humanity
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