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Farheen Khan Apr 30
Sooner or later
We all have to leave our bodies
And fly high
But this doesn't mean we die
The bond we share with our loved ones is connected through our souls
The love never dies
This is just a small good bye
A journey from this world to a hereafter
But till then it's just the marks of joy and pain we leave behind
For the people to whom we mattered
A life a journey ♥️
Farheen Khan Apr 6
I hide it all
All my emotions
All my pain
Pretending to be strong and not vain
Why their this need of being strong always
Says a Friend
Your stronger farheen but their is nothing wrong in being fragile too
Were his words of wisdom
It's a personal experience and a emotion  and a beautiful reminder by my friend
And I also know this farheen is not alone so for all those people who need this reminder
It's ok to not feel strong all the time you're not alone ☺️
Farheen Khan Apr 1
If I really had to hurt you one day
Let it be Now
And never
Feelings are difficult 💔
Farheen Khan Mar 13
And here I'm writing things
Some are those which describes me
Some that I wish I could be
But the only thing I want to write here
Are words which you require the most
Should I tell you how broken I'm
Or should I just describe how bad I'm with everything
So you could atleast relate to something on this world
To just tell you that you're not alone
Or maybe I could write the ways I'm trying to heal
Anything you want
Anything that can i help with !!!
To all the people who need help if you want someone to talk to I'm here ❤️I may not be a therapist but I will listen to you
Farheen Khan Mar 1
With every flow of words
You touch my heart
So soothing
And so calm
Let me tell you have some magic
Going around
Maybe i just lost myself in your words 
Every line of your poetry
Feels like a long time prayer getting fulfilled
Just by holding on your to phrases
I do live those joyous moment
Just to restore it in
My heart
This is for the all poets on HP I love you guys so much it's so nice to be here and I love reading all your poems it inspires me so much and a special mention to fawn I love you 😍 thanks for your support from day one , means alot to me 🤗and take care guys ❤️
Farheen Khan Oct 2019
A survivor's tale

My  scars were never seen
Everything this world has ever given me
Was pain
The moment when I was used
For someone's so  called pleasure
I was dead inside
They took my  soul
And left me empty
But it's wasn't end to my pain
It was the beginning
Everyday i was with called names
That I never thought was me
When i tried to speak up
And the only  time I thought
Someone atleast someone will listen to me
I got more scattered as Thier isn't any soul who understands me
Every trial I had to explain and justify myself
As if I'm the criminal and asking for justice was my biggest crime
I had to tell why I was wearing what I was wearing
I had tell why was I alive and not dead
I had tell how it felt as if my pain wasn't seen
****** me  everytime with thier questions
And all those eyes burning on my face
Asking me
Why was I in the position I never wanted to be

But  with the power of sunshine
I fought
Because giving up was never an option
Fighting back was
And I did it
I did everything to see them where they are now
I did it for myself and for all the girls of my nation
So i found this on my drafts I wrote these few months back when I was reading a article about **** victims. And I felt Thier pain it was so heart breaking for me when I saw the reality like how badly they are treated specially living in a country like India where we worship women Goddesses and also in other countries too situation is no different and I hope this get a full stop and also to girls who have been through this I'm so sorry I just wish I could hug you guys and I also hope you get justice and i want tell that Iam proud of you for all those struggles don't worry healing is always good it takes time but will reach you soon♥️
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