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Farheen Khan Jan 17
You aren't the caged bird who dreams of the sky
Instead you have the whole sky
It's simply that some fellow beings have made you believed that you aren't capable of the sky .....

False for every being that made you feel any less that who you truly are,
Which is
Not the caged bird
Of the SKY
Farheen Khan Dec 2020
Here I write again
Something that I can describe
It's time
Maybe not
There is always a void
A piece trying to find its place

Is it too much for a sad stone to
feel loved
And not stained
Here I write again

Stone never felt stained
It was the world that
Labelled it's cracks
As stains
And never did the stone
Once complain
Here I write again

Faith let the stone in pain
And each day stone cursed it's pain
But the destiny played it's game
Stone learned it's way
And accepted the pain
Now the world had to stop it's game
And Here I write again
Farheen Khan Nov 2020
I find myself searching for something
That can comfort me
Some old memories
A scarf and piece of paper
Searching something that is dead inside
And debating whether it is good to let go or to hold on ,

I find myself searching for memories that I'm proud of and some that I regret.
I think of it everyday, I think about you everyday .

Somewhere deep down I know your happy but still  I deserve to miss you,
And to love you for all .
In memory of my lovely aunt ❤️
Farheen Khan Aug 2020
And here my words have stopped
Everything seems still
And the way I feel
Is just through trails of
Sadness from my eyes
And here my world stands still

Often times is just my mind
Whenever I try
To hold and control
My heart breaks flows
All its stored emotions
But now it's just teary eyes
And a pillow to soak

And all I have left to say is that my words have stopped flowing
Again my overthinking mind
Farheen Khan Aug 2020
Sometimes I wish I could write a
Happy poem
But all I do is  think and wander
Around the empty cells of mind
Where everything appears grey
My mind is just full of thoughts that
Are either sad or regrets
Sometimes I really wish I could write a happy poem
A poem that can give a smile to someone
A poem which can be happily touching
I really wish I could write something like that
And just not this grey  matter
Overthinking nights ❤️
Farheen Khan Jul 2020
Is there any remedy for sadness
Or do you have any medicine For my tender heart
With all my flowing emotions
Can I ever get the grip
Will all my tears find their worth
Can't this world provide me a  home
Or  atleast a sense of belonging ,
That I'm longing for
Will I ever get to taste the flavour of comfort
I know i have way too many things to think about
But in the end it's just me and my everlasting pain
No way to end
A never ending thought process ❤️
Farheen Khan Jul 2020
Just another day were people say that I mean the world to them
And fail to prove it
Tired af ....
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