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Jieun Aug 2020
It's not your fault, for lying.
it's not your fault, for being in pain.
its not your fault, for loving someone.

it's not your fault, for being hated.
#hated #itsnotyourfault #please
Jieun May 2020
Would you pull me close?
If i start to walk away
would you let me in?
and tell me we're okay?

Would you dare choose me?
if i ask you to choose,
Will I win against her?
Or would I just lose?

If i ask you if you love me
I know what you'll say,
you really did love me
but your  "love" is not okay

Yes you do love me,
but you also love her
I'm sorry you have to choose..
or else...we're over
Jieun Mar 2020





Jieun Mar 2020
you said
you would
love all of

but instead
you loved
the person
i pretend to be
Jieun Mar 2020
i get up
from bed
staring blankly

i look at myself
in the mirror
and got myself ready

as i was about
to head out
i see the mask

i sighed and
got it from
my desk

as i put it on
tears escaping
from my eyes

i thought
i could be who i am..
but the real me... already
Jieun Mar 2020
i turn each page
of the book
with anticipation

anticipating if
the princess gets
the prince?

if the hero
gets to save the day
yet again

if the ugly duckling
became the beautiful
swan it was meant
to be

but instead
when i turned the page
of this book
i have

i realized
the lost girl
didnt get to find who
she was

the lost girl
didnt get
to see the light

and now she was
a broken wing
broken beyond

and that lost
was me

i lost myself
and i had no
to see the light

because i was

and was too far
to be saved
Jieun Mar 2020
Why can't I
be your perfect

the daughter
you always wanted
and will always be proud
to have

instead i was the
you regret keeping

i became the
you feel ashamed
to call your own
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