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You were my happy place
You were my home
But then you left me
You left me suffering alone
What am I supposed to do know
When I'm broken lost and without a home.
Dedicated to my once favourite person.
They fall so deep,
Never to be seen.
The darkest depths where they hide,
No one can never seem to find.
In the shallow where they burn,
Never wanting to return.
With hopes of being their forever,
Being afraid to come out whenever.
It might be filled with wonders,
But still stuck due to standards.
To others they don't seem to matter.
If spoken might leave heart shattered.
Preventing itself from hurt.
There they'll remain as lost words.
Not knowing when this pain will expire
A little freedom is my deepest desire.
Not knowing when my days will get better
I'm unaware of what's causing me to suffer.
Not knowing why my life became this sad
When I'm sure I did nothing bad.
Not knowing how to handle my depression
Wanting to feel happiness at least for a second.
Not knowing if the end is near.
These negative voices is the only thing I hear.
Not knowing if hurting people has become a trend
Breaking hearts that aren't easy to mend.
Not knowing why I'm falling apart.
The memories keep replaying in my mind.
I hate the feeling that burns through me.
When your name registers in my thoughts.
Oh! I really wish I did things differently.
I despise myself.
Because of how stupid I was.
I was too caught up in the pretty little lies of yours to notice.
Regret fills me to the brim.
My soft side is slowly throbbing and fading away.
My heart blames my mind.
For sinking in too much.
And I now have to live with the mental scars you left.
That reminds me of you.
Everyday of my life.
There's never a time.
When I don't worry.
I have too many.
Things on my mind.
Every night I loose sleep.
Just because of overthinking.
Too many feelings.
Too many emotions.
Too many memories.
A number of confusing thoughts.
Swirling in every inch of my head.
I don't really know.
How to feel anymore.
All I am is broken.
And all my feelings are numb.
Laying up at nights for hours.
Missing out on beauty sleep.
I keep on over thinking.
Because I over love.
And I over care.
But all they ever did.
Was break me.
Every night my face.
Becomes a pool of endless tears.
Why am I so easy to love?
I don't really know.
If it's my heart.
Or my mind to blame.
It's all so confusing.
I don't deserve this.
Voices telling me.
That I'm too weak.
But I try my best.
To ignore it.
Slowly killing me inside.
I want no more love.
I feel it's Poison
You say.
But you don't act.
Claiming that it's the truth.
But your truth makes no sense.
Debating that you would never.
But still do it whenever.
You think this is a game.
Proving that everything is really fake.
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