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The hardest part about me movin' on
Leavin' my little brother behind
He's gonna be stuck on my mind
From time time
While I'm tryna grind
The hardest part about me movin' on
Leavin' my little brother behind
He still got alot of time
That makes me blind
Makes me wanna stay behind
The hardest part about me movin' on
Leavin' my little brother behind
He the reason I atleast try to grind
The reason I try to not let the ******* define
But I'm steppin' out of line
To let my light shine
The Hardest Part About Movin' On
Leavin' My Little Brother Behind
Its gonna hurt either way but holding on is worse than letting go
You cant wait for people to become who they wanna or should be when you already the person you should've been
When they finally come to they senses it's too late
At this point you either still trying or gave up
You either give them another chance or go on with your life
At the end of the day you realize you dont have the patience for none of it no more
But you stay and fight cause instead of listening to your gut or heart you listen to your feelings instead
So much on my mind
Tryna bind them together
Weather the storm I continuously have in my head
Thoughts all over the place
Mind racing
I'm stressed out I'm stressed out
Cant handle the thoughts in my head
All I think about before I go to bed
Recurring pain from these thoughts That they have brought
It's ok, everything is going to be ok
That's all I keep hearing but it's never ok
It's a battle up there
Dont nobody know that
Fake a smile once in a while just to seem ok
Hide my true feelings cause dont nobody care
Just a fear of some things
A bunch of overthinking, mixed feelings
Tryna find my path in life
A path that's right for me
Focusing on what I'm thinking
Rather than what's in front of me
Try to let things be
But if something's bothering me of course its gonna effect me
Jumbled up brain
Hidden deep pain
That I cant seem to control
Unless something controls it for me...
In the cold Winter
I wanna make snow angels
Drink delicious hot chocolate
Have a snowball fight
Skate on beautiful
In the wet Spring
I wanna dance in the rain
Smell the millions of flowers
Have a picnic
Take a walk through a
In the hot Summer
I wanna dive into a pool
Eat lots a icecream
Take trips
Feel the warm
Sun on my face
In the windy Fall
I wanna see the color of the leaves change
Smell the spice of Pumpkins
Sit in front of a warm
Blazing fire
In The 4 Seasons
Wanna be free
Do my own thing
On my own time
No worries
No stress
Things running smoothly as they should be
Dont need the unnecessary anything
Do one thing at a time
Still doesnt work out
I'm trying to do something for myself
Have something going for myself
Instead I get pushed back..
Step 1
How is a person supposed to keep fighting like this?
Yea the same old saying..
But what else is new though?
What else you got for me?
Positivity can only bring but so much joy
Just wanna strive and achieve
Only works but so much
Block out any and every feeling that's there
Doing any and everything to make it seem like I'm ok
To put my mind somewhere else
Then it hits you
Now you dont wanna do anything
But sleep
Cry away the pain
Pain clouding
Just a simple
Easy way to think you're out

— The End —