I know she'll never believe me
But when she laughs with nutella on her face
She looks absolutely gorgeous
Because she's happy down to her bones
And it's moments like those
I realize how much I love her
And how lucky I am to have her in my life
Because she's gorgeous and amazing and brave
She's everything i could've ever asked for
And when she laughs
I feel the sound get saved into my soul
And when she smiles like that
I know
I will always and forever
Love the girl with nutella on her face

Jack Jenkins Jul 2016

I crave your sweetness
Lavished on toast,
on fruits:

Just a little poem for a contest on Poetfreak. ;)
Daniella Veras Dec 2015

That cute dimple on the right side of his face only revealed itself when he flashed a wide satisfied grin.
Just like that, I melted.
-My heart is made of Nutella & Chocolate

Curlan Eiruc Jul 2015

Sounds of sad desperate melody as one would agree,
Tok-scrape-pause }x3

The happy anthem is ending,hun.
Might as well give up,
corners are mere torture,
every angle you turn that butter knife,
It doesn't reach where you want it to.

The happy anthem is ending,
the desperate background and torturous beat
comes to an end,
leaving an imprint of sadness in your mind.

no more nutella for you.

Kate Lion Jan 2015

i miss you
the way Obama misses his intelligence briefings

i finally cleaned out my bedroom
threw out
all the legos i always accidentally stepped on
all of the crusty pieces of Argentine food i wasn't ready to let go of

you are a jedi
or perhaps just my best friend

some people hurt your eyes like neon when you see them

but you don't

you are nutella
and i am a butterknife

Issa Adalia May 2014

i don't wanna hear her name
i don't wanna hear her name

you and me
you and me


utterly, impossible,

cannot i wish?

she doesn't know
nor you

only i

and i will never tell

but nevertheless,
you and her
bound to find
and me

me in the gutter

Still making something outta this.
Kurt Kanawa Apr 2014

jokes, no limits
everybody needs to laugh, to dream
so let's rush and get away
spend the weekend with vampires
extroverts not needed

just need a friend to get by
(or i'd probably go insane)
read, write, listen with me
don't think i don't care about you:
of all the somethings and someones,
nothing compares to this, to you

first letter of each line spells the name.
Arj Mar 2014

I want to lay in my bed
Next to you
At seven in the morning.

"Crepes." You say.

I get up
and start the crepe maker

I put out the Nutella
And cut bananas
And pull out the jar of lingonberries that
I love
Even though nobody knows
What lingonberries are.

You ask for peanut butter
And we both know I'm allergic.
But I have a jar
Because I know that
You love it.

xoK Mar 2014

When you leave
I fear I will pluck each strand of hair
From my entire head
And produce so many tears
That I dry up like desert sand
And blow away in the arid breeze.
I am nothing.
Until you come back,
And take the time
To braid the hairs together,
And collect each grain of sand.
Nutella-sticky fingers glue me all into one piece
With squeezey hugs and blanket fort cuddles.
And I'll forget you ever even left.

LDR life.

— The End —