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Marietta Ginete Aug 2023
You are my favorite work of art.
Beautiful both inside and out.
I call you the king of my heart.
I live for you, without a doubt.
You are the one in my dreams.
Marietta Ginete Aug 2023
How did i not know?
You weren't feeling okay.
You were feeling low,
Your world was probably gray.

I don't want to lose a part of me.
You're also my heart, you know?
Can't we go back to how we used to be?
I have loved you since hello.
Baby don’t go away.
Love me like you loved me.
Say you’re still mine.
Marietta Ginete May 2023
It's been years since the last time
that I put words together, making them rhyme.
Honestly, it feels like a crime.
to not have been writing for a long time.
It's been a while.
Marietta Ginete Nov 2020
A heart so full had emptied out.
It gave everything it could for you.
You wouldn't meet at the halfway route.
Honestly, it was all you had to do.
you aren't even trying.
Marietta Ginete Nov 2020
This everlasting torture.
The continuous push and pull.
It's such a beautiful horror,
with butterflies, a handful.
you make me so happy but at the same time, you infuriate and disappoint me.
with all the wondrous butterflies, what else is there?
but hey, it has been a while.
Marietta Ginete Jun 2020
He finally said he loved me.
I write this out with a smile on my face.
I feel as if I'd explode with glee,
he makes me feel like I'm in outer space.

I float as if I'm top of cloud nine,
I don't care what's to come.
All I know is that he is finally mine,
and he's as sweet as bubble gum.
Love, Hurt, Repeat. The forever lasting process.
Marietta Ginete Mar 2020
Lately, I’ve found myself singing.
The songs coincidentally correlate to you.
Lately, I’ve found myself writing.
All the things I could not state to you.
i’ve been reviving my old hobbies
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