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Lately, I’ve found myself singing.
The songs coincidentally correlate to you.
Lately, I’ve found myself writing.
All the things I could not state to you.
i’ve been reviving my old hobbies
Chess? Monopoly? Uno?
What kind of game am I to you?
The instructions, you do not know.
Yet you enjoy doing what you do.
how are you all dealing with quarantine? i’m still here getting played.
It’s at 3 am
when I imagine you.
Your hands, the way you move them
around my body, roaming through.
Your voice makes me go weak,
my legs trembling at each word.
I have been like this for a week.
The way you’ve got me is absurd.
i literally have no comment for this
Words are fun,
like playing in the sun.
They run and burn out,
as if there was never a doubt.
the way we relentlessly let our words go.
The mesmerizing aroma
is like the bubbles in soda.
The feeling of satisfaction,
giving into the attraction.
Was willing to give it a chance,
but It tipped over at first glance.
January feels like it's been forever. But someone made it worthwhile.
Marietta Ginete Dec 2019
My, once, steady heartbeat
had forgotten how to calm down.
‘Cause a feeling this sweet
makes me feel like I’d drown.
again, the familiar feeling returns.
Marietta Ginete Dec 2019
My mind’s a canvas, it is blank.
With words, my heart sank.
My mind is full of thoughts.
My desk is full of shots.

I made a poem book for you.
But the words won’t come through.
So alas, it is still a blank.
Empty like the shots I just drank.
heartbreak szn coming thru
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