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John Benjamin Oct 24
Words no longer flow from my head;
     only unrecognizable patterns
and words I think I may have once said.
Persephone May 11
In November, the thought of pain cripples me to tears
In June, I am  an invincible goddess
On Mondays, I can withstand the **** of a  warriors blade
On Thursdays, I flinch at the slightest needle *****
At midnight, I’ll survive the fires of ****
At noon, I crumble at one touch
Jon Thenes Oct 2016
A thoughtless thought ;
a power-naught
a thought not taught
a thought ;
toughly bred
and thorough wrought
Helene Marie Apr 5
Sometimes having words
To describe your pain
Is a lot less painful
Than having no words at all

Existence of words
Fills the desolate cave inside
With thoughts
Good or bad

But at least there's something

When there's nothing
It feels too empty
Like you could just sit in silence
And stare off at stars
that don't exist
May Mar 26
The razor blades I once put against my skin cut deep

But the injurious words that spill from your mouth have always cut deeper
My mood matches today’s weather:
Sad and glum
ZenithSeeker Nov 2017
Thoughtless  words are the weapons  
of society ,
attacks  emotionally
Whose words only last so long,
but a toxic upshot is forever.
natalie Nov 2017
"what would you do without paper and pen?"

                                             i would scratch poems into my own skin.

                    "what would you do if there was no love?"

                                             i would take it out with the one up above.
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