Brent Kincaid Nov 2016

Irregardless, years ago
I had double pneumonia,
But, like, you know,
It is what it is, and like
I dunno, kinda like
It takes what it takes
Know what I mean?
It’s prolly a mute point
But I turned three sixty.
You know? I mean
I’m kinda like, I dunno.

It is what it is, like
I mean, whatever.
It’s all good, isn’t it?
You get what you need
And it ain’t no thing.
I mean, go big or go home.
Try to stay in the zone,
You know. I dunno.
No biggie, though.
Keep a cool tool
And don’t be a big fool.
Know what I mean?

It’s like I was saying
Don’t give up praying
Because God does not
Create garbage, you know.
He didn’t bring you
This far to dump you.
I dunno. I’m in for
The whole game.
It’s all the same.
You know, way to go.
Give it a chance.
Get up and dance.

Know what I’m saying?
I ain’t playing with you.
It like, you know,
I’m so sure, dontcha know?
Way to go. I don’t know.
It’s like, I’m so sure.
Whatevs, whatevs!
It’s so dope, sick, cool.
There must be
Some kinda rule.
I dunno, it’s like, you know,
It’s the way to go.
Give is your best shot.
It’s the bomb, the shit,
It’s totally hot.
Maybe I am hot too,
But you know, I dunno.

Jon Thenes Nov 2016

It's a trick of the imagination
It's a tremble of words
A trickle till saturation
A treacle of the absurd

A blink to regain reality
I think therefore I have a malady
A drink and a pill
To recall of some storm
A brick
A window
A breach amongst sanity
Some ink to porn on to the page
Pad torn
And I'm a fink
A sage
A bone
And a bore
Minimum wage
On form
To earn
An audience with royalty
Score one for mortality
I'm a scribble
I'm a scribe
Free to reside
And shake up a globe
With ruin ingestures
And muddy brutality
And wonderless digestions
I am my own worst memory
A victim of vanity

Crimsyy Oct 2016

In the middle of nowhere
is where I'd like to be,
clouds for a roof,
enveloped by trees,
driving into infinity
far, far away
from everyone and everything,
fleeing the persecution
of my mind,
here at least I know
my only purpose
is to breathe
and I shall write thoughtless verses
take me somewhere thoughts
cease to be.

Christine Jun 2016

'Do you like me? Or no?'

Shut up.

You are igniting these forgotten feelings.

Shut up.

You make me feel like it's fourth of July.

Shut up.

It's not Valentine's Day.

.... and most especially April Fools.

Shut up.

You are making me forget who I am.

goddamn you to the highest power.
Christine Apr 2016

last night i wanted you to fuck me
but now i want you to love me

another one for you. never can i promise i will stop writing about you. not until i'm over you.
Ryan Feb 2016

my thoughts have vacated,
no words are left.

a word to define no words?

definition : A dictionary with no words.)

feeling no feelings, i'm so blank :( i dont even know anymore
Ciel Feb 2016

Walking through life
Feeling nothing at all,
Mind thoughtless,
Like the chalkboards
Rendered useless
By the projector
And the small screen
In your hand.
Don't bother me,
Don't say a word.
It goes in one ear
And out the other.
The passage simplified
By an empty canal,
A boat waiting for your words
To be carried across,
To be left unprocessed.
Staring blankly out the windows
Of youth outside
You come to me with
Arms wide open,
The only arms I want
To hold me are the
Outstretched arms of my warm
Welcoming bed
That will hold me forever
Like the dirt
Embracing the dead
In a coffin,
Like a zombie.

I aspired towards being
Since I was a little girl
Watching the other kids~
Helping out in our family's world

I worked towards being
as a young teen
Volunteering my time
Making sure I was never mean

I strived towards being
becoming a young woman
Being there for all my friends
Careful of others feelings

I enjoyed being
When I became a mom
Letting them know how
much they are loved
Making sure my children
grew strong

I thought that being
was a trait I longed to be
yet have managed
to push those I love away
from me

Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.

Thoughtful ☆●☆●☆ Thoughtless
Natasha Jul 2015

drift unto

      the seamless abyss

             stars beneath your feet

      grass on your finger tips

                 head heavy

      body light

                                 here today

   gone tonight.

too much

   too soon


         nothing to take

               everything to lose.

                        I can't ask

                             could never tell you


    goodbye sun,

                hello moon.

Styles Jun 2015

I read her eyes,
like a conversation.
and fell in love,
with my observation.

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