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Wasn't so much afterthoughts
but rather the act itself;
that myoclonic movement
An involuntary reflex of sorts.

Prisoner to human conditions
conserving oneself with
The illusion of individualism

A Perceived idea of what is natural
An erroneous concept of right and wrong.
Blaming the sky for rain and storm
Instead of hiding under shelter.

Punishing clueless planet earth
Our thoughtless pollution of her the seas
Man and man at war
Setting off bombs just for kicks.

The errs was much more than just
you could taste its bitter like venom;
Blisters from a flame or the sting of a slap.
Tangibly intangible were the sins we did.

Sometimes we knew what
We couldn't be held accountable for
Being not the kind frowned upon,
We did it in such abundance.

But it wasn't their fault,

or was it...
Myoclonus    /ˌmʌɪə(ʊ)ˈkləʊnəs/ noun MEDICINE
A muscle spasm triggered by various external events, including noise, movement, and light. The movement is involuntary and can't be stopped or controlled.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2021
Cold cold heart
Frozen plumage
Like a peacock
Her ladyship
In the campfire light
Skating about the pond
Of her own vanity

MSunspoken May 2021
Choo Choo!
The train of thought
No no!
It missed its stop!
The train is gone….
Who are you?
mark soltero Jan 2021
i am unclean
dead torn thoughts inside
brain dead stupidity of the ****** next door
living thoughtlessly
they say perfection is a contract of demise
nothing matters it seems
i’ll sign my name away
let’s rid the world of me
Simon Jul 2020
Have you ever once thought about being thoughtless...?
I have... And it's not very pleasant!
Showing I've been thoughtless towards my own inner self in order to gain the advantage of forced self-acceptance!
You are thoughtless once you can't begin to understand the very situation in front of you!
Dennis Hernandez Feb 2020
To devote one’s words to the eyes of another
Is to devote one’s thoughts to the mind of no other,
For, in my mouth and out yours,
The words are all there,
But the thoughts none.

And everyone thinks
That everyone thinks
That anyone thinks
At all.

We fail to attend to our own thoughts,
Only the thoughts of those others,
Who have the thoughts of none.

United in silence,
Who really has won?
The placement of thoughts
BJFWords Aug 2019
I'm part of the exclusion zone.
Of you and them and me.
I'm lost in past, forgotten fast.
Old news, and ceased to be.

All well and good in time to brood.
For memories remained.
I'm outside staring, sightless, glaring.
Forget me not, refrained.

I hope for love's sweet comfort.
In shattered future's loss.
When I'm remembered fondly.
And swept away the moss.

If recall be painless.
Reminded with a smile.
Sit aside my resting place.
And think of us awhile.
Light House Feb 2019
So destructive...
So unaware... of the pain she causes.
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