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When you dream
A tree

And find
Him/Her watering
It's love

That simple
Genre: Observational
Theme: Be Responsible ||  Reciprocation
Makenzie Marie Nov 2018
I don’t want you to learn what I am trying to learn to be an untruth:
That enduring through pain is somehow worth it at the chance of reciprocated love.

Please remember:
You are always enough.
kk Sep 2018
For the first time
In all my years of living,
I’ve felt what it’s like
To have your heart pound
So stubbornly within your chest
That everything in the world
Seems mute in comparison;
I’ve never felt so anxious and afraid
With the only antidote to my worries
Being your voice.

And for the first time
In all my years of living,
I’ve learned what it feels like
To leave all your emotions bare
And scattered
At the feet of someone you love.
And never before,
Did anyone bother to pick up the pieces
And keep them close to his chest
In a humble wooden box
Like you did.

For the first time,
I fight the elastic smile on my face
That snaps back every time you cross my mind
And even the monsters in the back of my head
Run away with just the smallest thought of

You’re the first
That I’ve been so open with.
You’re the first that laughs with me
At my own petty jealousy—
Hopefully because we both realized
That there’s no need for doubt

Since we’ve found each other.

And for the hundredth time and onwards
I will thank God everyday
That we did.
to the someone who is finally different than the rest
Rafael Torres Sep 2018
Small print
What a way
To cheat another day
History has taught
How to respond
And Play

There's nothing to fear
But fear itself
Knowing this is wealth
Theres one word
A join of two
Reveals theres nothing had to do


A hole of loops
Every loophole has a loophole
How significant

Thats why its called

Endless DNA
Theres just one name
That keeps it sane
The name lives to this day

John Hancock
Sign that sh*t
Big and bold
No fear
Showing that
No cowardice
Is within
Is clear

Let the loopholes
Noose the necks
Of those with bad intent
Now thats enough
Wasting thought on this
My mind is not for rent

Just remember
Three little birds that sang
Killed by the bell
Welcome to ****
Theres no one else to blame.
Written Sept. 19. 2018 8:37 AM
Marzia Aug 2018
I bloom in your smile
please, keep me growing
keep me spreading my roots
around your neck, lovingly
soothing unity it is
glowing on the inside
watering the petals
nested in my lungs
why do you keep on
you are but a liability
harvesting my plants
with your incovenience
or was it
lack of reciprocation
my first work published, woohoo!
Zell Feb 2018
Last month, i dreamt of you.
You painted me into a bright yellow when i was completely colored in blue.

Last week, i dreamt of you.
You made me smile and suddenly it was you who i always wanted to talk to.

Last night, i dreamt of you.
We walked hand in hand under the pink skies of a nearby avenue.

Tonight, I might dream of you.
Will you dream of me too?
© 2018 D.A. Barreras
Zero Nine Mar 2017
You **** your teeth loudly,
Smack your lips on ravioli,
Whatever it is I taste of
You can't really say
Meanwhile I've had my face
pushed, mashed on your *****
trying to find life's meaning
with short tongue tight frenulum
Cursed I crave your ***
****** mane grows unkempt
Despite my attempt to
Get some head


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