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An island lets itself go.
In rising  water finds a friend;
The past comes to naught.
Filomena Feb 4
'What reality is this?', she giggled.

Before a second had passed,
she had ceased to exist.
From where have all the flowers come?
Filomena Jan 16
Hatred runs through
the Universe

like putrid blood through
a festering Wound
I am late to work.
Filomena Nov 2018
I looked through a peephole
and I saw a pair's son.
They saw me roar.
what does it mean?
Composed at work, Oct. 2018?
Filomena Nov 2018
I must efface
the heron vase
so it will never be replaced.
it might mean something, or not
idk figure it out
Composed while at work.
Filomena Nov 2018
The meaning of life
Can we find it in our book?
lol i dunno man
written March 2018
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