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Filomena Nov 16
The spirit of these long dead men
Be found to live in me again
And just the same when I am gone
Our spirit guide our children on
Meditation on ancestors.
"I" may be changed to"we" for group recitation.
"Men" is meant to encompass all humankind here.
Filomena Nov 14
"One original thought is worth
A thousand mindless quotings"

One familiar spot is full
Of countless concepts floating

In and out and around again
And though each thought is fleeting

It takes a while to find my pen
And I find my mind repeating
Psych ward poetry #10 (Second set)
Filomena Nov 14
Here we go again
Man, this **** really ***** ***
They say I need it
Psych ward poetry #9. (Second set)
Filomena Oct 3
hi. seems that
it's the shame

me as het ****:
"see this math"

the same ****
as this theme
This is an old one I never published.
I do anagrams when I get bored.
If there are enough from one string, I try to make a meaningful set.
Filomena Oct 3
The sleepy creep weeps.
Psych ward poetry #0 (bonus)
Filomena Oct 3
energy is mounting high
waiting for discharge
Psych ward poetry #8
Filomena Oct 3
welcoming to cold
how quickly you change your face
cut right to the bone
Psych ward poetry #7
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