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Lee Carter Nov 2021
Love is the only thing worth dying for
Not because you can take it with you,
but because you leave it behind.
Lee Carter Feb 2021
Concern yourself less with the fears that follow you,

And rather more with the ones you chase.
Lee Carter Jan 2021
When you buy a lie
you get what you pay for.
Lee Carter Jan 2021
The only thing that can make the surprise of tragedy worse,

Is when it is thoroughly unsurprising.
Lee Carter Jan 2021
When one forces their imagined shape to fit in,

They discover- often too late,

That they may now be stuck.
Lee Carter Dec 2020
Any lessons we neglect to win in defeat,
we are sure to lose in victory.
Lee Carter Dec 2020
"To be or not to be,"
That is the question,

nothing more.

The answer is for you to choose,

nothing more.

Nothing more.
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