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Jay Hankare Dec 2018
What if the sun would rise in the west?
What if the discarded would be regarded as the best?
What if the fishes could fly so high?
What if the birds couldn't be seen in the sky?
What if the leaves of the trees were not so green?
What if the most exasperated age was not the teen?
What if animals could talk to us?
Speak different languages like a human does.
What if we would never ever die?
But I hope people would be extremely innocent and not so sly.
What if I were you and you were me?
Would you see the world the same way as I see?
Jay Hankare Dec 2018
Here I envisioned my downfall of a poet as here where it starts
As I can see myself in complete stress and lay my pen down
Let myself roam the streets and let the world burned before me
Yet I try not to look like I victimized by my thoughts here as
As they lead me to my decisions in life today but let me go deeper
My downfall as I can tears from the people’s heart I broken
My loved ones are starting to bruised and get wounds for my
Mistakes as I can see that every decision comes with a consequence
Where the benefits in my life? Where the memories in my past?
Oh that’s right there all covered by the hardships in my life but
Seeing my depression will lead me to numerous reasons to die
The hurtful truth that every time I see love in the making….
It’s just shatters and crumbles upon my feet so I stopped
My search as love is seen as overrated maybe I looking in
The wrong places and Love is underrated to everyone as
Poetry might just die in my heart or maybe my thoughts
Might just become rotted and converted to pure nonsense
Seeing no guidance to the golden gates or the flaming pits
But just pure nothingness, blackness, worthlessness as I wish
It been months I shown positivity and sense of hope at all so
As I look for answers in life, my purpose of my existence but
Yet I’m starting to give up on everything and just start to get
Fear and pity on me ever existing on this world as they could
Have made someone better as I didn’t do anything groundbreaking
As this will be the ending stages as I’ll die alone with no pursuit of happiness
As a person I’m looked upon with superior potential if I had “motivation”
Tell me what wrong doctor? As something must be wrong as I wish
Why I always thinking suicide? Only because I feel like I lose my identity
I only wished I had my motivation as I keep working harder and harder
But yet there are anyways complications and problems in my pathway in life
My wings of success are broken; my thoughts are rotting from restrictions
As my downfall will be gruesome and progress will be erased away in time
No remedies, no memories, no records, no accomplishments to follow by
That’s my downfall! Forgotten, uncared, and forbidden poetry to read by reader.
The Nada Nov 2018
Somewhere in the past
Where I know what my wants
Even things were little too fast
At least I know it will last.

Somewhere in the present
Got confused and changing the mindset
Things becoming not meant
And a lot of expectations did not meet.

Somewhere in the future
A blurred image of myself
Wended on the road of life
Perpend to all of "that's why".
The Nada
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