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Larissa Frost Jan 2021
The siren saved me
With her fragrant tune
On the water
At half past noon
He couldn’t resist
And she pulled him
To have him join her
As her daily feast
At half past noon.

                      -L. Frost
Larissa Frost Jan 2021
I didn’t want
To say goodbye
I thought we’d travel
The earth
You and I
But you no longer
Visit me
In my dreams
The silence in my
Head is

                   -L. Frost
Larissa Frost Dec 2020
I never liked
Just like the way
I never liked
The way you treated
Me like trash.
So I showed you
The way out
And I survived
Ironic though
people still
eat fruitcake.

                      -L. Frost
Larissa Frost Dec 2020
I lost my parasol
In my former life
Last time I tried
To be proper
I picked up a bottle
Of liquor instead
And smoked your
Mother’s cigarettes.
I inhaled all my yesterday’s
Of trying to measure
I never once stopped
To search for
My parasol.

                            -L. Frost
Larissa Frost Dec 2020
Bring out the sage
Pour on the bleach
I’m cleansing my soul
And cleaning my feet
Brushing my tongue
To rid the taste
Of your lies
Stuffing pockets
With the sound
of my cries
Rearrange my life
Clean out my purse
All because of
Your candy cane

               -L. Frost
Larissa Frost Dec 2020
I don’t know
What ails the angels
Maybe they are tired
Of trying to guard me
And save me
From my demons
I picture them exhausted,
On a street curb
Smoking a Marlboro
Begging for rest.
Maybe that’s what ails
The angels.

                             -L. Frost
Larissa Frost Dec 2020
They are always
Society’s police
Setting norms
No one can reach
But spend a lifetime
Trying to
Conform to.
They are always
watching and
No one stops to consider
If in fact, they
Are just returning
The glance.

                          -L. Frost
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