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Sandoval Aug 2017
I've seen you

dancing, to rhythm

of the moon.

I wonder, if I were up there,

would you have loved me too..

Sandoval Aug 2017
A rose only grows

by getting watered,

and being


by light. Same goes

with love.

Sandoval Aug 2017
And, what am I to you?
He asked.

--You, She replied.
Are the roots to this beautiful flower,

and my heart is like the sun.
As long as you

keep growing, it'll never let you die.

Sandoval Jul 2017
My lips no longer taste of you.

He kissed away your breath, and sent it out to sea.

It drowned in a storm

where I no longer feel your pain.

And washed away, to a place where you

no longer have a name.

Sandoval Jul 2017
I write what

I feel,

and I feel

what I write.

Sandoval Jun 2017
My soul

is  empty,

the sadness

drained it out.

Sandoval Jun 2017
You* said you would love me,

until the end of your days.

Well I believe you died not long after that,
and resurrected from stones.

You no longer love me,

and your memory aches in these bones.

Sandoval Jun 2017
Love* is a drug,

distance is rehab.

One look from you eyes,

and I'll relapse.

Sandoval Jun 2017
Like the horizon hiding between the

sea and the sky,

near and distant all at once. To me,

that's what you are.

Sandoval Jun 2017
But you're just a screen again.

A daydream in mid Novembers falling leaves.

That euphoria of seeing you again, wont leave

my skin; and it breaks my bones with words,

poetry, only you can get out of me.

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