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The Nada Nov 2018
When we know what we want and where we belong, it will be much easier.
The Nada
The Nada Nov 2018
It always hides
The twinkle in black and white
It dances in the bright
Masked in the deep night.
This is me, your smile.
The Nada
The Nada Jan 2017
I am in between of knowing you,
Knowing who I am to you,
And who you are to me.
Wondering, why do I have to?
The Nada
The Nada Oct 2016
It started with a one-liner,
Now here I am can’t get over,
Not because I want it
But because I can not.

It is a sure silent affection
For, maybe afraid of rejection.

But you can’t blame
A prosaic girl that will never your like.
Tried to halt many times
Yet your charisma surefire.
The Nada
The Nada Oct 2016
Heeded numbness

But mull over benevolence

Overlook the saccharine action,

That that was prejudiced affection.
-The Nada

— The End —