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artisticAR Sep 2020
Recovered, head down,
knees clenched
Legs still won't walk her home.
Skin wet and heart drenched
listen to words and candid tone
and accepts her returning reverie
with a sip of the bottle of bravery
Yes, it was an awkward time
- amp
Megha Thakur Aug 2020
Everybody has their own flaws,
And it makes them glow.
So stop judging yourself,
And just go with the flow.
-Megha Thakur
Marissa LaMarti Nov 2019
There’s not much left,
other than a soft ash that covers the branches.
I could tell you it was angry,
I could tell you I’m covered in acid burns
Shaped like words, it hurts.

I could tell you the smoke filled my lungs
to the brim,
And left lesions of soot
across my low beating heart
At least everything is still.

There are no more leaves,
the only hum I hear
is the ringing in my ears,
and the tears,
are dry now, too.

I could tell you how comely
this all looks
The destruction, the debris-
but you deserve your own pity;
Abandon me with mine.
Moeshfiekah Dec 2018
They tell us we discriminate because of the color of their skin.
An unjustly comment and they only see us as whites.
Stuck between a now cold war between colors.
They paint an image of victimization as they feel unfairly treated in ancestry years.
I say , get over it.
Spoken words need not a explanation
Moeshfiekah Dec 2018
How many has marked this broken lover between the sheet and on the streets.
How many has gripped her hips and tasted her lips.
How many has , not once , but countless times degraded her in her bliss , shattered her gift , ruined and wrecked her for her next "knight" .
How many of you will come to realize that many of us still hide.
How many of you , will see.
How many will there be.
Some truth in those words in every lover you may come across
The Nada Nov 2018
I forgot that I know how to write,
Forgotten the flowery words.
I forgot what could be might,
Forgotten that I am broad.

I learned to forget and not care,
Learned to shove things away.
I learned to bear,
Learned in a hard way
The Nada
Gemini Nov 2018
America the great
America my favorite escape
You’re slowing falling deeper into turmoil and today was the day we were supposed to plan your escape
There’s a man leading you and your people into a grave
America please fight for yourself so we can go back to calling you brave
Stop letting them get you to conform, if you bend anymore we’ll literally forget your original form
And I don’t know if you know it yet or not but you and Russia seem to have an on and off relationship and the man that’s misleading you is how the wall was born
Immigration laws keep separating kids from their parents
Thank God my mom was born here but what about the friends that I cherish
Mrs. Pakistan doesn’t have a man but to keep her in the states she’ll be marrying this American
What about my Mexicans? My Africans? My Dominicans? And my Ecuadorian?
Bill Cosby drugged women and I married a handful just so more innocent families aren’t torn apart
Like I said before I’m selfless with my antics
I’d do anything to not see another family get separated and put in a panic
America we aren’t talking about money when we said we need to see a lot of change drastically before upcoming dates
Segregation can’t be taught anymore if it’s a current event and it’s happening before journalists can document the dates
Aren’t you tired of seeing blood and tears shed on your wide estates?
America I won’t make this too long but I’ll just ask this last question
America, Are We Too Late?
The Nada Nov 2018
Somewhere in the past
Where I know what my wants
Even things were little too fast
At least I know it will last.

Somewhere in the present
Got confused and changing the mindset
Things becoming not meant
And a lot of expectations did not meet.

Somewhere in the future
A blurred image of myself
Wended on the road of life
Perpend to all of "that's why".
The Nada
poetryofdhiman Feb 2018
from the other side of the street
our soulless eyes meet,
we send waves of cravings
for our broken hearts to hold
but we don't step forward
you stayed back, i don't move either
we walk along the side of the road,
we smile at each other,
and watch ourselves
getting vanished into the distant,
this is what has become of us:
silent and afraid, forever...

We have become ghosts to each other, unknown and afraid...
poetryofdhiman Feb 2018
I like watching how the rocks
float on the wet and dry grounds
along with the time that passes by
I like watching how they break sometimes
how the cracks on them
become visible
but somehow they survive
days and months and years
even when their cracks open up
raindrops and sunshine
enter into their old broken bodies
they bear the pain and stay silent
for they still find their way to stay
for as long as they wish to stay...

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