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badtaste May 2019
I can smell a smoldering flame grow inside your home
I know this is really crazy
but if I help you you'll be saving me
you unwind my swarming thoughts
I over think
but I'm not over you
I've been burnt too
if it can start with a sorry I'll say them all
I don't want this to be the tragidety that ends our epic love story
badtaste May 2019
god thinks I've ran away
perhaps I've been lost all these days

but I don't deserve paradise
can't even count all my alibis
and here she lies in a story which we all shall begin
of tragedy and victory of passion and sin

all the petty past jealously
wasting your pretty present time with me
are you ready to turn and go the other way?
I wanted to wast alone
soon I wanted to live with you
I'm alive and all the music sounds so much better
I even can cry when I watch things die in dead of winter
when are skin touches it feels like our first hit of electricity
more than a brush or a rush of newly past memories
it seems we cannot hush our passion or bliss
when we've been longing for so long our very first kiss
is it wrong to sing a song about running away from time with you
dancing like it's prom dying in your arms
saying my last true words
"I love you."
Sandoval Sep 2017
I would have

died a million

Before I saw

our love take
its last two


The Dybbuk May 2017
Crime scenes made by people who bathe in sin,
Are the just the same as haunted ****** love.
Strips are ripped and teared from the victims skin,
Guilty fingers shrouded in leather gloves.
Mistresses use swords to steal men away,
Militants use words to cut off their head.
Books are painted in fifty shades of gray,
A masterpiece in fifty shades of red.
There is a reason love is called a fall.
Jumping from cliffs above to rocks below.
Juliet is dead from the lion's maul,
Romeo is rotting beneath the snow.
To love is to be stabbed in every eye,
Emotions make it kind to slowly die.
A burning sensation is building up in my chest
I feel my heart burning as it pumps as fast as the fastest train.
My body is ready to blow and make the night glow.
This is an illness I acquired ten years ago,
I went to see the smartest doctors and not even them can let it go.
As time pass  this feeling is somehow disappearing
or so I think
When I saw you in another woman's arms, when I see you go
I feel my soul being burn in the pit of hell,
My body ready to die and my mind realize.
You are the poison which caused my illness
But you're also my cure.
I am alright now. Such lies I said to everyone but they know that I still am suffering from the pain that my first love brought.
Indigo Prince Jul 2014
At one point you referred to me as your Romeo
And you were my Juliet
It seems we had our falling out
But have yet to see our last breath
Oh Juliet if you were here
In my arms, I'd hold you dear
What hardship we had faced before
Caught me off guard I swear to death
If I could have that moment back
You'd still be here with me
Oh Juliet I miss you so
I just wish I could make you see
I've watched you fall in and out of love
With so many other guys
If only you would turn around
And see I'm still right by your side
We call each other the best of friends
But if you knew, you'd feel so bad
Oh Juliet I'll hide away
All these feelings that I have
I'd rather see you happy
Than stressed beyond belief
But no matter what i do or try
It's not good enough since it's me
Oh Juliet one day you'll see
The words I write for you
And at that time I hope you'll know
Im still hit with cupids bow.
Taylor Apr 2014
You said you didn't want to be alone.

You did not want to lose your chance at being safe and content for a whirlwind romance with a girl you'd danced with in the dark.

You said we were like Romeo and Juliet, only I was Romeo and she was Paris.

And instead of throwing it all away in the fires of passion for a chance at romance, a chance to make our story end better, you chose the safe route.

You chose Paris.

— The End —