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Sandoval Feb 2018
You lit
a fire with the
of burning the
but ran away
when its
flames turned

Sandoval Sep 2017
His lips tasted of burnt

and broken

The perfect combination
for prolonged

Sandoval Sep 2017
If you and I

were never meant to be,

then why does it hurt

this much to set you


Sandoval Aug 2017
He was a blank book.

With my ink of sonnets,

I gave him a story,
syllables full of stars.

I made him
readable, interesting, intriguing.

But, the last thing that ever crossed my mind,

was that sitting there,
on that shelf, I also made him


Sandoval Jul 2017
My universe hung from the tip of his fingers.

As he played my constellations to rhythm
of his own selfish desires.

He created the moon to tame me,
and the stars to make me believe in his magic.

But he forgot one thing, his sun gave me fire,

and his strings gave me strength. My galaxies at last,
had no lengths.

Sandoval Jun 2017
She* could see it in his eyes.

He was leaving soon, and it was too late to try.

She wanted to scream "stay," but in their silence,

she understood it was goodbye.

Sandoval Jun 2017
Winter dawns on me. The cold of the air, suffocates

my bones. I look outside and flowers are blooming in.

I'm slowly dying inside these four walls.

I love you, but as I watch you leave,

time slowly falls, and I drop to my knees.

Babra Shafiqi May 2017
My heart beats a thousand times faster,
only for the reason
Of you breathing through me.
And if it wasn't for you
and the kiss of life
onto my lips,
I would have myself strangled
this weak heart
and left it to die.
So don't ask me why it runs
when you put your lips on mine.
For your lips are the only thing
that has kept me going
through these pains.
┬ęBabra shafiqi.
Comment and share. Let me know what's good and what's bad.
Apparicious May 2017
He held on
But not to her
She fell straight to the ground
Feeling lost and hurt

She loved
He hated
Everything that was in her head
But yet still laid with her in bed

He hated everything she wanted to be
She was blind
By love that wasn't give back in return

A rose died that day
Along with her love
She took it all back
He never realized it yet
I wrote this thinking about a couple of things from the past.
shooshu Dec 2015
"tingaling captivated
for forsakens sake.
tenderness felt
two souls
in a haze
deadly utopia
a gentle demeanor
of 'just stay'
mouthed by
a particular
the secret."
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