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Madalasapriya Jun 2020
It was raining over clouds
I found he is searching to get a shelter
He never lost  a hope
What triggered him to attempt his best

As he walked every mile
He heard a soul speaking to him
Just as he heard, it was me standing in pain

He felt we need to move on
Irrelevant  even if what it may
Just as he heard my cries
He took a lead to show me a shelter
He left himself alone in rain forever
Moeshfiekah Dec 2018
She wants to gently place me upon the bed and straddle my hips all while her lips attack my skin marking what is hers.
Her fingers will slip in and ****** me hard and I'll feel the full length of it inside. She wants me to feel her. All of her. She wants to feel how she controls me and allows me to come and when she does she will clean up what she has created with her tongue , deep and I'll scream her name.
Her vivid thoughts put into words and no one can put it the way she does.
ehxpen Nov 2018
i want to go back to the nights
by the lake and under the stars
smoking **** and drinking stella artois
i want to go back to the nights
the summer nights
with you
all my poems are real experiences so pls apprieciate <3
ehxpen Nov 2018
a cigarette helps to numb the pain,
i just hope it doesn’t become a habit.
like you were to me.

written a while ago
ehxpen Nov 2018
i took the chance and overdosed,
you were a trip i had to take,
and just for all times sake,
i knew it would be magical

Poojakaundal Apr 2018
Out there

b e y o n d

A road of
Attentions and infatuations ;

You'll see another
Path too,
— m e e t
                    m e
                               t h e r e

©poojkaundal | apr202018
Sandoval Oct 2017
I loved him.
And I love this brokenness he left in me.

The freckles on my chest,
that carry his name.

The loneliness in my eyes,
that wonder where he sleeps at night.

I carry his pain,
and I sleep with it in the dark,
when the sun is still out.

It's better than feeling numb.
This hurt, tells me he's still alive inside of me.

He's the reason my dead heart,
still tries to beat for life.

Sandoval Oct 2017
Kiss* me,
where I am broken the most.

Lust for me,
when I look in the mirror,
and I am no longer beautiful.

And baby, love me;
when the sun turns black, and these
bones no longer feel like

Sandoval Sep 2017
I just write.

Make of my words,

whatever you


Whenever they ask me, who or what I write about..
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