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she goes to the beach with her shoes on -
yet longs to dip her feet in the water
the waves come crashing towards the shore, with open arms inviting her
but afraid, she steps away
only allowing the water to ever-so-slightly
kiss the tip of her shoe
a little more than the tip, and she scurries back panicked
though never turning away from the water,
she gazes still, pining with regret
oh she’s so tempted ~
as the wave ebbs, she inches towards the receding boundary
though unable to cross her own.

the wave, patient as ever, gives her another chance
and another,
it moves closer, extending its welcome
but she scurries back again
thinking about damp socks, or even worse
wet, sandy feet.
how was she supposed to get home with ease?  

distracting herself, she looks up at the night sky
though not the stars, she remembers instead their counterparts
the stars twinkling within those almond eyes -
smile brighter than the sunshine, aura peaceful like moonlight
laughter louder than crashing waves
but presence fleeting like butterflies.

what would happen if she acted too late?
unlike the waves, the smile would fade
those eyes would turn away, leaving her in the shade ~
driven with the fear of loss, she finally plunges, unafraid.

she’s in the moment, one with the sea
she can think about how to get home, only when she needs to be.
this new year, take the plunge.
Shofi Ahmed Feb 2021
I took the plunge into your sea.
Oh, you know what?
I am now hooked forever
on its colourless colour.

******* out a cloud-bubble.
Black or white, it doesn’t matter.
Sprinkle some drops
in your pious colourless style.
Watch, it shines and sizzles
in renewed hues
across the land and over the blooms.
Still, in the end, remains a potion,
an intact drop:
The untouched ocean down the moon!
A Jung Lim Apr 2020
When the sky changes its colors
Red, rose, orange, yellow inclining light to dark blue
It covers all our busy life and sends a sign
Introducing a slide to another world

Reserved only
Once a day

So at every time
Until the last day of my life
I will just let myself plunge
When encountering this sight
stopdoopy Oct 2019
Rip me apart
and cart me off
to somewhere unknown

Cut through the top
plunge fingers deep
disgusting, wet, and slick

Rip out the innards
make hollow
for your own pleasure

it sits and waits
for the rest to come

The carving
the face always
comes out ugly

At last
light the fire
and watch it glow

In the bright flames
of a dark night
they'll be left there

Until they're rotting
scrape up the remains
and dump the body
a Halloween inspired poem!

is it really a pumpkin?
SeaChel Jun 2019
I feel myself slipping.
The ground slowly crumbles
from beneath me
to swallow me whole;
into that dark abyss once more.
I know it’s coming for me.
I can’t escape it.
My legs are full of lead,
too heavy to lift;
weighing me down
and helping me fall faster
to rock bottom once more.
annh May 2019
Sleep stands at the altar of today’s sacrifice,
Knife poised to plunge at the heart of the matter,
Knife poised to plunge at the heart of the matter,
Knife poised...
‘I’ve always envied people who sleep easily. Their brains must be cleaner, the floorboards of the floorboards of the skull well swept, all the little monsters closed up in a steamer trunk at the foot of the bed.’
- David Benioff, City of Thieves
Druzzayne Rika Aug 2018
on dawn


another one

each beat
no winning
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
I took the plunge into your sea.
Oh, you know what?
I am now hooked forever
on it’s colourless colour.
stopdoopy Sep 2018
Your feelings eat away at your brain

until there's no rational part left

and then your fear over comes you

takes control

and doesn't leave

until that one last breath

and then you take the plunge.
Time to post this oldie or else I never will
Thomas Feb 2018
Old habits of another life,
Constantly creep in
Polluting my soul with its strife

Do I deserve love? Am I worthy?
These questions that forever haunt me
Feeling numb has no judge, has no query

An emotionally joust within my own mind
To open my heart
I must step away from
These walls I hide behind

There is a comfort in loneliness
A sanctuary from feeling
Where time is of no consequence
No desire to smile or take a chance
Never wanting to laugh or dance

But existing without living
Isn't living at all
To never risk being hurt or taking a fall

Risk, reward is an equation that's answer is steep
Balancing protecting your feelings over the treasures you may reap

These are the demons I face everyday
And the constant fight not to drink them away

The battle is both inside and out
Ulcers and anguish are it's trophies
Time to put down the bottle
And face life like a man
Not with shots of tequila and pulls from a can

Time to plunge into the unknown of what could be
Embrace the love that's in front of me
Free fall backwards into her radiant clutches
Stand on my feet without  inebriated
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