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stopdoopy Oct 2019
Rip me apart
and cart me off
to somewhere unknown

Cut through the top
plunge fingers deep
disgusting, wet, and slick

Rip out the innards
make hollow
for your own pleasure

it sits and waits
for the rest to come

The carving
the face always
comes out ugly

At last
light the fire
and watch it glow

In the bright flames
of a dark night
they'll be left there

Until they're rotting
scrape up the remains
and dump the body
a Halloween inspired poem!

is it really a pumpkin?
The days are shorter but eerily bright,
perhaps because of one Silent Night--
When the Lord was delivered upon this earth,
with kings and shepherds gathered at His birth.

'Tis the season for loving one's neighbor well,
signs of beauty magically casting their spell--
With family and food at the top of our list,
and lovers under mistletoe about to be kissed !

The snow piled high while winds blow free,
we soon carry home our Christmas tree--
All green and fresh it's welcomed within,
decorating each branch wearing hearty grins.

And oh, how we enjoy the lake,
the ice glazed over for us to make--
Our figure eights with our Christmas skates,
which Jolly St. Nick left for us to take !

Yes, these are the many blessings of,
the month of December we've always loved--
While Christ holds our hands we kneel with thanks,
as His star glistens above the snowy banks.
Nylee Aug 2017
A lovely gloom
floats over her
it glows
as the night slows
the silence grows
the setting stills
and her beautiful smile hurts.
Shreya Dristi Dec 2015
Its Crimson Red Nose
A striking symbol,
A jolly tale,
Santa soars in his sleigh
& He sees the way,
He never fails,
The route unfolds
because of the bright glow
of Rudolph's red nose.
hehe. Merry Christmas.
Poetry Mar 2015
The ocean glows
A mysterious shade
Of blue,
Like the
Metallic, cloudless,
Blue sky.
Quiet serenity
As the salty
Ocean goes
Swoosh, swoosh
Against the soft,
Golden sand.
The ocean is
Like a soft
Blanket, comforting
And inviting.
The sound
Of the
Waves swiftly
Slapping the shore.
The cool
Ocean breeze
Is a dream.
As I watch
The sun
Dip down
Into the horizon.
After a long day,
I curl into bed.
Observe the literary elements :)
NewAgeOfAnarchy Dec 2014
The darkness brings about the beauty of your eyes. Your beautiful face glows has the moon shines in the night sky.
My lips connection with your soft lips, as the clock hits midnight.
2014 copyright Michael Cross
Thandiwe Jun 2014
Views, words and set rules.
Time has befriended me yet I have no time for anything.
Resting. Soul has searched and found nothing.
“Our souls have long bonded before our bodies met.”
Cling to that hope, string of regret.
Soon or not…life will begin.
Stamped under society’s sin,
Has there been a vision of a better love.
Connected beyond what we’ve been taught.
Pave these paths to suite our walks still to be covered.
Dreams to be recovered, leave behind. The clones looking forward to the “to happen.”
Why then do they have eyes aglow with questions.
Pre-requsit of past mistakes they’ve imprinted themselves on my decisions.
Correct the false generations.
Exhausted by the dawns of more downs.
These upset frowns, mistaken for unknown smiles.
Taken miles to revolutionise these minds.
No where near the assigned soul.
Gauge out centres of my gold.
No return it feels, cheap thrills.
What a stony journey,
Breezy by and sweeping away reality.
Have we still got the trust instilled,
Is He still enthroned, why then do times keep us so constantly disturbed.
No more entrance nor exists…
When his beauty drown this sadness.
Why has so much of me been robbed?
Swapped by weary and exhausted pieces held together by hope.
So much sense has been polluted,
Left hallow and un-rooted.
Abundantly blessed and grateful for the joys. Seamed together with blinding glows.

— The End —