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A Jung Lim Jun 2020
For someone
it can be a noise

Drum beats
tremble with space
metals split
the bunch of leather beats

A typhoon of disorder

Staying wrapped
in the middle of a striking hurricane
Feeling the sound
shouting to me

My heart beats
It absorbs those beats
It shakes my head
touching my spirit

This music long ago
came from shamans

When the music was
a human ceremony

Mysterious rhythms

What are those numbers
in the elastic organic rhythms?
What are those symbols
of the perception of the world?

Followed long roads
and formed through time
passing from people to people
with their own body rhythms

Their clouds
Their rains
Their thunders
Their earth

Transformed in the
orchestra of percussion

And the story of their nature
descends to me

I hear my ancestors
their messages

I meet them
and now I play

Their and our rhythms
of the Korean percussion
A Jung Lim Jun 2020
Suddenly recognized 
a day running in the morning

An enemy that I was raising
another myself

Why you are there
How long have you been there

You have tackled me
against my entire identity

You have denied 
what I was doing


You came from society
when I was young

By the words from
nearest people

I refused to accept you
But you have slid to my space


It was me who was raising
in the place that calls

Now I have found you
I **** you
A Jung Lim May 2020
The plain was large and flat
I was standing there
Hills and trees were around

I saw a lion appearing
with his slow gaits
He was approaching me

Stopped in front of me
he said
"Take my strength"

I said
"Thank you"
and embraced him
A Jung Lim May 2020

Raise the anchor
and raise the sail
Now the wind blows

Two compasses
inside of me
turn their lights on

The first one tells
where to go
by private signals

The second one
interprets the stories
from the sun, stars, sea, and the wind

Decoding the two 
from inner voice
and from the world

I decide
to turn the prow
adventure is there

How big the sea
Can't resist
the wind and waves in front

By drifting
and grounding
learned from the past

But being friends
with wind and waves
weaving own rhythm

New route appears
in each moment
to an unknown world

Seeing the land
lower the sail
and descend the anchor

Earth fertilises
the sailor's soul
to go back to the sea
A Jung Lim May 2020
After the  chaos of struggle
When the source of power stopped flowing
From the tensioned dried body

I saw a paint appeared
Colored in blue like a sky
Elevating from
The horizon of the sea

Calmed down,
I saw the paint
Growing around me through me

All pure blue
Degrading in a lighter blue
It was a light

Likely that it was already there
And always behind
A Jung Lim May 2020
in silent place

No boundary
between the outer world and me

When I myself
fill the space and time

And when finally
all disappear

I realize
that I am the world
and the world is me
A Jung Lim May 2020
In my room
a small forest
surrounds a piano

Their leaves
when I play
turn the pages

Melodies of passing valleys
Pine smelling vines
Water drops

I boil some water
to fill a flower-printed teapot
with dried lavender

Tea taste
of piano melody
wanders in the forest
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