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Amelia Sapp Jan 2023
three one one
free to run
and jump off the cliff
of the canyons of Earl
your tree rings swirl
fifty four and no more
i had nineteen when i wore
black on black for you
wrote this about my amazing father who just recently passed. i miss him every day and every night.
can help us feel full    
helps prevent overeating                        
heart healthy oatmeal
Amelia Sapp Nov 2022
the arching arboretum anticipates my alliterations
telling too timeless tales of Latin language
binomial botany begins by being barbarously bleak
dioecious dogwoods dance doing dainty droops
leaves lie lamely, larking like sweet starlight shine.
i was inspired to write this because of my botany class
Amelia Sapp Mar 2021
like fresh fallen snow
crooks of your body, tender-
Divine Feminine

casual touching
fingers intertwined like roots
The Sakura Grows

warm face, warmer heart
a woman loves like fire
But Also Like Rain
Amelia Sapp Dec 2019
reach out and choke
how dare you touch my neck
and my heart
Amelia Sapp Dec 2019
come with me
to the secret garden
let us dance with fairies
and eat wild berries

a cobblestone path
leads us to a witch’s hut
she casts a love spell on you
but not on me

frolic through lavender fields
the bees tell us stories
i am listening to their every word
you are listening to my heartbeat

eat these magic mushrooms
that the caterpillar gave us
i can see your aura and i can smell your words
but you know that feeling every time you look at me

i want to leave, this is not my realm
but you were born here
Amelia Sapp Dec 2019
the moon used to follow me
when i was a child
and filled with joy

but now i don’t see her quite as often
she is busy mourning
the children that she loved
after they grew up
and didn’t love themselves
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