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Lu Aug 4
Poets are people,
who can express their thoughts and emotions,
through words, in the most beautiful way.
Johnny walker Jul 11
I who once married the love of my life Helen my beautiful wife I had known her from  
her school girl
but never once back In those days did I think this oh so pretty girl who would come down to my school to show herself
and tease us boys fighting each other for a better look
Helen was like a naughty nymph skipping about and teasing us
but I was the one to marry her years later to win the heart of this girl my naughty nymph who became my loving
AmeriMav May 22
Like apple blossoms
Entice bees to sweetly dance
So you call to me
Haiku form
Shiny summer day
Under vast blue sky
Murmuring honey bee
Moving over velvety petals
Enchanting Melody of its existence
Reposing the joy all over in empty heaven
Poem Format : Acrostic Poem
Liz Mar 8
if you promise you will love him,
must he also promise he will love you?
or is it that the man gets the choose
to leave if he gets tired of the toy
he bought in the clearance section,
though the “toy” was misplaced,
and was meant to be
placed with the jewelry, the diamonds
which cost more than twice his income.
you, a priceless artifact.
you don’t deserve that kind of love.
the love that enchants you,
though it was always a one-way arrow.
Speak Slowly Sep 2018
I write to you, to you my dear. I write now but I'll read to you soon, I hope you'll hear me then. I need to get it off my chest, words I want to express. I'll tell you three things, to express your worth to me. I hope you keep this close, to free up doubt in anytime of your life. I hope you think of me, when you read these three poems.

To you my dear, I fear that anyone who comes to know you, will discover you're true beauty. Not just looks, not just pretty eyes but a beautiful soul behind that lovely personality. I love how you care so deeply about me, seemingly so when you are troubled yourself.

To you my dear, I adore how kind you are. You see, I find myself smiling every time you do any small good thing around me. I appreciate your deepest qualities and your kindred spirit. Even when I see your inability, I can't help but adore and love you.

To you my love, the enchantment of being with you, are moments I enjoy most. Latent with so much love and chemistry, I cant wait to see where our path goes. I'm so fond of the idea of 'us', I wonder where this river flow will go.

To you
From me SS
Day 25
gabriella garcia Jul 2018
He tells me that he cares
Enchanting me with his eyes
Loving him is all I think about
Pressing my hands against his chest

My mind knows hes not good for me
Even though ive already fallen for him

Pretty ironic
Like all the teenager drama
Even though I try to hide my feelings
Assuming people wont notice
Some of them do see
Especially the ones close to me
dark times.
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