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My head is my own worst enemy
My words are like a crown of barbed wire
You won’t get inside to see my thoughts
“You wear a crown made out of barbed wire...”
Embrace me tightly
Until I can't breathe
Until all the love I have for you recedes

Pinch my cheek
To draw red water
To coat your surface
Wear me like decor

Wrap around me
And pierce my lungs
Leave me speechless
From lack of tongue

Become the very air
I respire
And love me as
You're made of barded wire
Madison Feb 15
Every one has barbed wire.
It pulls away but you only grip it tighter.
It cuts into your hands.
But you refuse to let it go.
No matter the pain.
No matter the cost.
Comment your barbed wire. Mine is not being alone

— The End —