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Jul 16
yeah,i was feeling like hell
on the path of my confused mind.
I wanted to scream my whole heart out
but clenched my fists try not to do,
as i was not permitted.  
and that feels like i was burning inside,
which was enough to frightened me
as I'd nobody by my side.
My grey eyes were fiery ,
the apprehension which i wanna share,
but now i am apprised of these things
that no one is gonna care.
After days months and years of chaos and
life-threatening situation
people stabbed me for no good reason.
I'd somehow managed to find a way to be happy
because i realized no one will come,
riding on black horse to save me or take my all worries.
I have to save myself, little by little, day by day
and Iā€™m learning to breathe deep through it ,
and keep walking with a high head
and plastered a smile on my lips.                          
samra fatima
Written by
samra fatima  19/F/india
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