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Ashley Kaye Jul 15
forgive me
for i cannot forgive you

i redesigned my heart to let you

freed the nerves to squirm
When you left
writhe like coils
they remind me of you
Of the me i saw in those mannerisms
i see in your mistakes

i have shined away the doubt
i love you
no longer
July 14, 2019
Seanathon Apr 3
I knew that I was not a bird
I knew it when I fell and I
A wingless thing
An ageless life
Angelless on this ended line
Known to me no bird was I
Long before I couldn't fly
Flightless Sentiments
Embrace me tightly
Until I can't breathe
Until all the love I have for you recedes

Pinch my cheek
To draw red water
To coat your surface
Wear me like decor

Wrap around me
And pierce my lungs
Leave me speechless
From lack of tongue

Become the very air
I respire
And love me as
You're made of barded wire
Seanathon Apr 2018
With every ounce of darkness
There is a wire stretching thin
Taught as a corset on her skin
And waiting for the vibrations to begin
Beneath what ever it is within
And yet a lust for me is not inside
For my heart is never dark
But a mind of equal, high in value
Is never to be scorned or laughed at
Only ever to be desired
And looked upon as a necessity in part
When it comes to hearing out the other mind
In the quiet pangs of this good dark
An openness of mind between two people... Such a thing is incredibly desirable.
elvie Jan 2018
i want to hang
myself with a

live wire-

struggle, strangle, sizzle
my neck as it

catches fire-

life, love, liberty
all cliches that are

no longer dire-

positivity acts
blindly as an

egotistic liar-

gawkiness, ugliness
burns my love on an

antisocial pyre-

that consumes me
as wet sound echoes

a vain lyre
b Dec 2017
The sun casts two shadows of me down on the pavement
And I could do without either.
Oh what to do when your own novelty wears off,
But leave the clown for the birds.
Some swords have two edges but what does that matter if they're already in your stomach.
I don't believe in God yet,
But I do believe in karma.
So **** the part of me that loves the world
And I promise there'll be hell to pay.
Nylee Nov 2017
I walk on a thin wire
of this very delicate life
right above my grave.
a slight imbalance and
death waiting down
like a cozy bed
for me
to fall.
misty in the back yard
walking along the perimeter
socks getting soggy

it’s barely first light
peering on the horizon
still no I’m Sorry

the wind whips my face
i cry from the pain
on the soles of my feet
on this wire i’ll stay

balancing act
practice never lets out
calling all the famous talent scouts

make me into the final act
that everyone laughs at
Mark Parker Feb 2017
A flower is poetically redundant,
I'd rather use a bomb with wires -red, green, and blue.
Cut one, let's see if she loves me!
Valentines Day at its finest.
Scott Hamsun Jan 2017
You will not long be remembered,
Not with the perspective you gave me.
But what you have done will forever affect history.

You've left the wire,
Like a man, fighting a fire,
I'm just glad,
That you got to be free.
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