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CROW Feb 16
I will fall for you if you fall for me,
If we fall for each other we will be falling free,
And I promise as we grow close to the ground,
My love will be the loudest sound,
That echoes gracefully in your ears,
And I will wipe away all your tears,
Because I Love U.
Next time ill be on the ground ready to catch you
Bruce Demos Feb 11
I am writing these words in an empty notebook
On a warm, humid, mid-summer morning,
Masked by the speckled shade of my tree's canopy.

My dog stands beside me
His paws among the crisp grass
Covered by dew and red fallen petals.

From across the lake in front of me,
there are birds sending eloquent songs
On a journey across the placid waters;

Above me is a juvenile blue-jay,
Still without its royal blue crest,
which has made this its home.

This beautiful scene I am immersed in,
Gorgeous like a painting still drying,
Its wet paint glistening,
Has become my home.
in your toughest
may the universe
kiss you with
warm coffee and
vanilla scented
while the chaos
outside your window.

Athena Feb 8
Everything fell apart
as ravaging hunger
and yowling cries
mild nurture
and womanly sighs
the night ground out
splendor in a shaded cove
beneath the willow tree
she lay
sheltered from the chill
and snow
long awaiting the warmth of day
she wrapped around her
the leaf of an oak
and wore natures love
as her winter cloak
steadily she slept
the treeline as her pillow
and in a few sweet hours
she would die
beneath the willow
Corey Feb 4
it was a soft, palpable silence that can only occur in the absence of familiarity. there was plenty of sound, but it all felt—empty.

the babbling of the steam, accompanied by the calm rustle of leaves as a slow wind crept upstream. the humming and singing of the birds high above. the occasional croak of the far off frog, or splash of an unidentified creature returning to the brisk water.

my toes felt the chill as i stepped in myself. grainy water brushed by my feet—abrasive from the debris i knocked up with my heavy step. smooth rocks poking at my soles.

the water sloshed as i dragged my shin through the stream feeling the cold slowly take over my body. venturing deeper than i thought the stream got. the smooth small rocks underneath my feet turned to slippery stones that shifted under my weight, but that i wouldn’t be able to lift.

my toe stubbed into a softer object just as the water had reached my chest. i paused, feeling the rush of water pass by every part of my body. my feet feeling a slow pull to my left, while my torso was being pushed heavily in the same direction.

the softer object was the root of the tree on the opposite side of the stream. i stepped on it, slipping twice before finding my way up. i climbed the labyrinth of roots out of the stream and stood on the sloped trunk. it was not a fallen tree, but contorted. it sloped out above the water.

i crawled up the trunk passing branches that were beginning to turn barren with the colder weather. i sat near the end, high above the water. i watched the water flow past me. i watched a few leaves fall in and get rushed away. i watched the branches around me slightly sway with the wind.

i saw a fawn drinking from the water upstream. i watched it lift its head for a quick look around, then down to continue drinking. it showed no sign of knowing my presence despite how i broke the silence: the splash of an unidentified creature returning to the water—among the singing birds i was surrounded by, the croak of a far off frog, the rustle of leaves with the slow wind, and the babbling stream below.

Silence is love

Melt into this

Within a moment

Reflection scares me




Lie to me

Who cares about me. I don't.

Blinded by the mirror
I realize I care
I care about connection. I care about achievement as a collective

Unity and selflessness are the only fulfillment
could seek

How utterly selfish
How utterly unselfish

The action and desire together



Seek to find selflessness
To fulfill ones self

The shimmer doesn't scare me anymore

I am repugnant

Light that comes back to me

From this

Portal of intense reality

Just sits inside

Unusable to me

Cursed by ego

I wither into a corner
To steep in my stench.

I can live like this
I have for years.

Luckily I'm not alone in a corner

Others steeping in their ****.

We are all to weak to come together

Stop moping
It makes us weaker

Stupidly we can't see that. And just mold and rot away in our dungeons.
Energy shivered from the snow-kissed courtyard into the cold winter night.

One hundred of us strangers gathered around each lantern's orange light.

Your friends communing memories of you, letting the world know your obituary, by sharpie stained tissue.
Still in tears after a girl at my college passed away unexpectedly. I never knew her, personally but I am completely moved and am in emotional turmoil after seeing that euology in the sky.
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