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Zack Ripley Nov 2019
The wind whistles as it whips down the winding street
Trying to knock down people
wary of the ice and snow beneath their feet.
The sky watching over them is still.
But it's a trap. A storm is coming in for the ****
StormriderIX Apr 2020


of course



Of course
I start
with pencil!



I'll sketch
a person,
of course.



It's a
on the run.

Sketchy indeed.
Suspicious enough.
I'm a bit of a jack of all trades in art. Writing, both fiction and poetry, and sketching.
Bryce Nov 2018
It is all fake sadness
Without cups, no sprite to collect the rains
We are an endless rolling fog
on the edge of the terrain.

We are foxes living in the suburbs
we are sneaky creatures not meant for fluorescent light-bulbs
and streetlamps
We are the oldest vulpines alive

I had been asked about symbology-- about flags and shapes and geometric plagues
I had to recollect the places in my head, London was a dime, Berlin was a teeter-totter
U.S.A was a great big long balloon snake

There wasn't anything left to say in the barbershop,
the razor blades dully buzzing,
no songs but the buzzing
of satellite radio

I got a removal done,
my deforested head could feel the wind caress it
I was a new and reemerged cocoon with a lacking self-confidence
I studied books and computers at Best Buy

You were a yet unknown quantity
you were god in the skies of San Ramon Valley High
Or perhaps the other prestige of some other village dream
You emerged and contained within the largest fib

Give me one good reason why
You deserve any more of god than the earth.
Sarah Burg Aug 2016
it's just fun now. for some reason this boy always knows what to say to get you hooked. this time you aren't actually hooked on him though. because this time he has made no promises like he did before. you are thankful because he never keeps them anyways. last night he said his usual line. "there is just something about you." you are confused but know not to take it to heart. lately you've learned to not take anything to heart. it's okay. you wish it wasn't like that. but it is. this time you told him that it would be casual. the sound of his breath on your neck reminds you of an old piece you wrote when you didn't know. but now you do. and so does he. he makes you feel good. he never breaks eye contact. he revs his engine when he drops you off because you told him that's what boys do when they think a girl is hot. he makes you want to roll your eyes and smile afterwards. he doesn't talk about the grey house with lemonade or the roller coaster hill or the fact that he once said he thought he was in love with you. but it's okay because he let you steal his sweatshirt and still kisses you goodnight afterwards when he walks you to your car.
Binary Code Mar 2015
The plaza is filled with creeps
Sitting along the concrete
***** smelly feet
Untrustworthy gas station meat

I lean up against the wall
See a man who's very tall
Beside an old lady who's about to fall

Granny stumbles around, dazed and confused
Doesn't even know which pills to choose
Asks tall guy which ones to take
Guy blows her off like candles on a cake

I interject, "Can I help you, ya old hag?"
Gran gran then opens the bag

I gaze upon the pills
The entire pack is filled
Stuff like this could go for many dollar bills

Granny says, "I need my Tuesdays."
I tell her, "Lady do you even read due dates?"

I don't know gran, you're on your own
You're gonna hafta figure this one out alone

Bus rolls up an somethins queer
Some pretty sketchy characters filling up the rear
So I take a seat up front, straight up Rosa parks
Weirdos left an right with their ****** birth marks

Guys with beards so long they could choke a man with em
Mexi with a ****, two others smokin with him
Many oddities line all up and down the bus
So I turn my frown upside down and try not to cuss
Just another day at the plaza in Spocompton.
Ashley Williams Jun 2014
Briefly my heart raced,
It can't be denied.

I thought it would be neat,
But it turned out messy.

Here's a tho(ugh)t:
I hope you know you had your shot.

— The End —