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even a
Paper Tiger
is seen
at least once,
as a


Does it help?
Everyone will experience a moment in time when they see the world clearly and can make a decision that has an impact on their life and the lives of others. It feels like an alien talking to you.
Tamaki Akaita  Jul 2017
Tamaki Akaita Jul 2017
No rest, no tears
No ****, no fears
Not even a blink is worth of my time
Things bother your head, will not bother mine
I see through your gaze, I see through your lies
I see through it all I am one of a kind
The things that you did, the things you will do
My eyes, they see far. much further than you
So don't look at me like I owe you a dime
If you came to hate, then it's hate you will find
No need to imbue me with your rosy picture
I'm not gonna stay if you planned me a lecture
Don't seek for my help, since you're on your own
No crying will help nor the painful groan
You'll never be missed nor to me you'll be useful
The way you abused me, that's the way I'll abuse you
Poetic T Aug 2018
What! the What!
               was that which I think
                              were syllables
perpetrating from the sewer
                 of their open commentary
on my life.

As though it was a live play.

                And they were the voice over
scrapping at my thoughts.
                                  Well if I were you!
When did I ask this magpie of gossip
to intrude on my daily reflections.
       But no you stain that window
               I want to stare outward too.

Mind your own business, I know yours
went bankrupt long ago..
           Never paying dues to what you paid out.
But never counting the cost of what
                          every word cost you.

Now its time to change that channel
                                      to white noise.
All the persistent vocals drowned out.
Now I can watch my life without commentary.
Others should watch themselves not others
             just because your is a repeat of a dull life.
SMN Dec 2014
you see,
that’s the problem
with being the strong one
who always offers others
a hand
everyone thinks that you
don’t need a hand and
they think you have lots
of surplus energy and no

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