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s Willow Feb 2019
My condition, I could not awaken.
I craved the ill-started.
Insensitive, unable to love.
My heart was broken.
I send prayers to the departed.
You’re looking down from above.

The standing brought such sorrow.
What will it bring tomorrow?
Take thy condition from our my heart.
You gave e a head start.
I crave the standing and stricken logic
Of the illogical.
Fireflies Jan 2019
I have never liked fictional stories
Their fake and illogical inventories
The possibility of stories never turning into reality
Despite the temporary moments of glee
Eating up children's wild imagination it lives
The pointless hope it gives
I have never liked fictional stories
Jabin Jul 2018
Sky, blue
Earth, old
True, true
No, no.
Ella Alvarez Jun 2017
they say
to love
would be
an illogical

but loving
you, my dear,
is the most
logical thing
i'd ever do.

Jerrad Johnson May 2017
My view just as yours, no better or worse
Everyone’s right in his eyes

Of nothing I’m sure except there is nothing sure
A contradiction in itself, certainty of complete uncertainty!

I do as I please, and despite what you say, I will not seize
Do my actions make you feel distraught? Change my ways, you cannot!

The earth goes around, some may say; and others the reverse
It’s neither here nor there; it’s all based on what you can bear!

Of all things I know I’m right, because I feel them in my heart
How dare you disbelieve me? My faith makes me care free!

Be released from your prison, release your mind and be set free!
There is nothing absolute in life, only what kills your internal strife

You cannot offend me, in my beliefs I am firm – they are shaped after me!
Like my god - I am a clone, he looks just like me!

I overlook my deity, by defining god I become He.
My god would do no other, I am right and he can do no wrong – did I stutter?

How do I know I’m not wrong? Because I am head strong
My defenses are fully placed, my time to doubt I will not waste

I am right in my own eyes; we tell ourselves all kinds of lies
In the end, this it changed: our life and after have been exchanged
From my book, "Aimless Wanderer"
C Cavierre Apr 2016
Illogical, crystal clear--
this contradictory of fear--
I am caught for one precious moment by
the horrible visionary
of my grotesque fate
as promised, the continuation of Fear
Nuvola Mar 2016
It's quite simple really.

Months have passed since the day
I've fallen for you.
Such a shame that you couldn't tell.
Sorrow and hate fills me.

Yielding to the emotions of hostility.
Only the broken could've empathized with me.
Understand that I'm imperfect and forgive me.

Silence is the stake in my heart.
Over the months, it stabs deeper into me.

Maybe I've made the wrong decision.
Until I've seen what it reaps,
Carrying the burden of doubt is my trial.
Haunted by memories of you is my masochistic pleasure.

All this must have been quite a surprise.
Do realize that I'm just a man...perhaps lesser.
Imaginations are what feeds my needs now.
Told you I'm evil.
I love you, darling.
Well ya'll might be able to relate...or not. Hope you at least find it interesting. =) Nuvola
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