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Splatter and spray
An explosion on repeat

Chilled and shiver
A barrel on temple

Each piece squishes and sloshes
Fairy dust of the soul between fingers

Gears clicks and Metal grinds,
We lock and load the final pill

It plays and runs
A never ending cycle of death.

Or is it the cycle of life?
A perfect peace in a flash.

Answers never given
From a voice forever silenced

This glitch will haunt me behind
My eyes even in sleep
I cast you out!

It should be the other
The evil one can eat cake

You! O, being of purity and joy!
You bring hell and it’s greatest torture!

Take you wings, your master's wishes
And let me sleep.

I rage against the light!
Scream at the sun!

Take your protection, you assigned life
And let me fade.

For if I die before I wake
I pray my heart, my mind to take.

If you do the lords work
Then take the thought, leave the rest

Now in weeping I see
That this is my hell

You bring me visions
Of the heaven I forsook.
Honestly, I weep.
Each tear fallen for the mistake
That cursed choice

I cannot sleep
Each blink flashed for the tear
That marred memory

On repeat these beats play
Marching my heart back in place
Teaching me the truth again

I have held fast
Each blast bested for the future
That putrid place

I watched aghast
Each scar payed for the crime
That ****** debt

The worst repeats today
Matching the starts lack of space
Reaching out in utter silence

No amount of words
No surpassing age
Will sunder this sadness

No amount of hope
No consuming fear
Will drive out this pain

Without… Ive been pretty
I cannot sleep and it will **** me tomorrow
Harsh light still casts shadows,
Some never seen,
But always felt.

Darkness too often is stuck in the sight,
But the deepest I know lives in the light.
A Howl,
Distant but fair.
A Howl,
Prickles fine hair.

It is ethereal
It is so sweet
Repeated in time,
It follows the beat.
Will it be empty?
Will it be cold?

Visions of choking stillness.
Visions of growing puddles.

This shared space.
This capsule of love.
This special place.

Will it scream while I dream?
Will it cry while I die?

Will we consume one another?
Slick, slack, sock,
With a withering wandering walk.
It clings and sings,
Against the stings,
Along the fog of smog.

Fond fuzzy fluff,
Soft soothing stuff
A wiggle, a puff,
A slip, a sizzle, a *****

Legs break and shake,
The world wakes and quakes
Yet we three, are free
Against the wall and waves
Of shock.
One of the few poems I wrote that I love... thought it was time to share it.
Before you say it, yes I know. The "correct" grammer would be my socks and I.
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