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Asominate Nov 2019
Of queens and kings
A harpy sings
Of those who’re in control

And all the things
Their power brings
As all else pay the toll

Of kings and queens
The unforeseen
A funeral bell rings

Through thick and lean
As life has been
Queens hang their kings on strings.
I'm feeling a bit odd.
Lucy Mohr Feb 2018
You can do this. (Do you even understand?)

The fight is half over. (No. it's just begun...)

Don't stop believing. (can't stop if you never started...)

It can't be that bad... (Oh... It's much worse...)

What's wrong? (What isn't?)

It'll be okay... (No... It will never be okay.)

(No I'm not fine... No I don't want to talk about it... No I don't need a hug... I just want you to leave me the **** alone...)
"Sometimes to stay alive you gotta **** your mind..."
-Tyler Joseph
*A conversation between you...and your mind...*

— The End —