when the president of a country
that considers itself
the global beacon of democracy
insults his friends and
courts dictators and mass murderers

something is terribly wrong
Brent Kincaid Jun 2017
Donnie and Vladimir
In a dacha by the sea
H. U. M. P.
I. N. G.
They’re ******* freedom
And democracy.
Sooner or later they will
Get to you and me.

Vlad likes people
On their knees the best.
And Donnie will do
Anything for a
Family crest.

They both want to become
Dictators for life.
They already believe they
Get to ***** your wife.
It’s only their divine right
They wonder “who could blame us?
After all, we deserve it.
Because we’re famous!”

Vlad keeps a secret
He thinks Don a fool.
But Donnie isn’t bright so
Vlad gladly takes Don
Back to school.

Vlad knows Donnie is
A ***** for acclaim
And public adulation
Which is pretty much the same
So why not use this clown
To accomplish his goals,
And steal all the money
And everyone’s souls.

So, there they are
Each gambleaholic whales
Lording it up and robbing us
When they should be in jail.
The fools that let them rule
And the ones who are to blame
But we have to sift the ashes
While the world is in flames.
The Judge Jun 2016
Those who want to play ***,
will get punished like one.
Look at all those dictators who tried,
and the wars they haven't won.

Those who want to play Satan,
will get punished like him.
And trust me I know,
that you're punishment will be grim.

Those who want to play human,
will live like one of our race.
And the universe will teach you that
you will need to know your place.

— The End —