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Logic to the dissonant, confetti into flames
watch it turn to ash.
The disquieted don’t want comfort,
they want to protect their definition of purity
and simply, for the complexities of the universe
to serve them solely.

Dissatisfaction becomes identity,
a vice to sate,
just one more redemptive hit
and they’ll sleep
dreaming of their idyllic reconstruction of reality.

Everyone’s a visionary
blind to the piteous state
of their mass-conformist unity fantasy,
forgetting that autonomy isn’t only in the mind of the beholder.
Jayantee Khare May 2020

True love
never dies,
may change
the polarity...

Just a thought
Douglas Balmain May 2020
To jump and never land—
to breathe in but never out—
to fall asleep and never wake up...
The glass stillness of a pond,
its surface never disturbed—
peace without its pole:
Bad Luck Sep 2018
With an audible sigh...
                 I curse the world to gain some clarity.
Things weren't so black or white before...
           But cycles of laughter and tears do well 
                                   To burn in their disparity.

Like washed-out sadness,
                     I'll make it hard to judge my smile.
"The sun may fade these colors," I say,
                  "But they'll be gone for just a while."

I exhale...
                                              ... And I miss you.
                Even though I’m left with just the pain
                             Most nights I alone past dark,
                 And curse the utterance of your name.

I longed for your shine
And the warmth within your Sol.
But your clouds gave way to Luna...

                                                       ...And I left.  
                             Still halfway short of whole.

For now, I'll do what I can to force these
                              clouds back over the moon.
Because even in depravity,
                                       Or lonesome solitude,
I find the comfort that is darkness...
                         And in the darkness I find you.

Still, I hope you feel the thunder.
Or that the light leads your way through.
I can't make this darkness bright, but still,
I think... If I can't discern what's true...
I hope you laugh, at least, in irony.
I hope you smile, at the storm...
                    That casts its shadow just for you.

I've found the lightning doesn't last,
And the thunder comes too soon.
So alone, in solidarity, I will fight my fate
To be construed...
                                          Against myself,
As the answers to my questions' echo --
               reverberating in an empty room.
"Bad Luck: In a Wakeful Contradiction" is now available on Amazon in paperback!

Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
Of all the known truth

Only the humans are
The Polarized species
Genre: Observational
Theme: People change, they have a beating heart, else never with they
Nicky Aug 2018
Passion in her heart and mayhem in her mind, a dangerous combination, the two combined....
Elm Jun 2018
The spirits of heaven and earth.

I look down...
You, fly!
Unknown to disgust
Revelling in the solidity of your warm ambition
"You, fly!
Know the Earth and its bounty."

I look up with darkness all round
Glee in the beauty of a falling star
But wait!
"You, fly!
And your jest of chemical fire."
Have taught me a lesson
Of far thought beauties within grasp

Scholar of sustenance and Archetypal will-o-wisp
"Thank you.
You, flies!"
For showing me
All that I can be
And all there is to see
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
On friendship’s day
I bought 2 bar Magnets
Highly Polarized

Like minded on opposite polarity
N-S, then NS
So close, so connected
With “We” feeling.

Egoist on like polarity
N<>N, S<>S
Self centered, individualist
With “I/Me/Mine” feeling.

They possess
the same strength of
Connecting or repelling force
Either in one end, or

Just the polarity matters
How we keep them.
Theme: Human Relationship
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