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B L Sep 2018
With an audible sigh...
                 I curse the world to gain some clarity.
Things weren't so black or white before...
                                           The laughter, tears --
At once, a sad and laughable disparity.

Like washed-out sadness,
                     I'll make it hard to judge my smile.
"The sun may fade these colors," I say,
                  "But they'll be gone for just a while."

I exhale...
                                              ... And I miss you.
                              Like the first time I felt rain;
                                     Or sat alone in the dark,
            My prayers eclipsed by just your name.

I longed for your shine
And the warmth within your Sol.
But your clouds gave way to Luna...

                                                       ...And I left.  
                             Still halfway short of whole.

For now, I'll do what I can to force these
                              clouds back over the moon.
Because even in depravity,
                                       Or lonesome solitude,
I find the comfort that is darkness...
                         And in the darkness I find you.

Still, I hope you feel the thunder.
Or that the light leads your way through.
I can't make this darkness bright, but still,
I think... If I can't discern what's true...
I hope you laugh, at least, in irony.
I hope you smile, at the storm...
                    That casts its shadow just for you.

I've found the lightning doesn't last,
And the thunder comes too soon.
So alone, in solidarity, I will fight my fate
To be construed...
                                          Against myself,
As the answers to my questions' echo --
               reverberating in an empty room.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
Of all the known truth

Only the humans are
The Polarized species
Genre: Observational
Theme: People change, they have a beating heart, else never with they
Nicky Aug 2018
Passion in her heart and mayhem in her mind, a dangerous combination, the two combined....
Elm Jun 2018
The spirits of heaven and earth.

I look down...
You, fly!
Unknown to disgust
Revelling in the solidity of your warm ambition
"You, fly!
Know the Earth and its bounty."

I look up with darkness all round
Glee in the beauty of a falling star
But wait!
"You, fly!
And your jest of chemical fire."
Have taught me a lesson
Of far thought beauties within grasp

Scholar of sustenance and Archetypal will-o-wisp
"Thank you.
You, flies!"
For showing me
All that I can be
And all there is to see
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
On friendship’s day
I bought 2 bar Magnets
Highly Polarized

Like minded on opposite polarity
N-S, then NS
So close, so connected
With “We” feeling.

Egoist on like polarity
N<>N, S<>S
Self centered, individualist
With “I/Me/Mine” feeling.

They possess
the same strength of
Connecting or repelling force
Either in one end, or

Just the polarity matters
How we keep them.
Theme: Human Relationship
The black and the white, The left and the right
The right and the wrong, The short and the long
The happy and sad, The good and the bad
The up and the down, The smile and frown
The awake and the sleep, The shallow and deep
The common and rare, The covered and bare
The urban and rural, The single and plural
The hot and the cold, The meek and the bold
The wisdom and folly, The gosh and the golly
The break and the mend, The save and the spend
The few and the many, The dollar and penny
The adult and the child, The tame and the wild
The blame and the praise, The year and the days
The free and the caged, The joy and the rage
The dark and the light, The day and the night
The sea and the land, The instrument and band
The pleasure and pain, The sun and the rain
The poetry and prose, The con's and the pro's
The open and shut, The why and the what
The here and the there, The when and the where
The these and the those, The highs and the lows
The above and below, The ebb and the flow
The want and the need, The giving and greed
The public and private, The peace and the riot
The cruel and the kind, The heart and the mind
The expand and contract, The real and abstract
The empty and full, The push and the pull
The biased and fair, The hope and despair
The master and servant, The blind and observant
The even and the odd, The Devil and God
The bones and the skin, The without and within
The inhale and exhale, The try and the fail
The false and the true, The old and the new
The free and the bound, The lost and the found
The quiet and loud, The humble and proud
The rich and the poor, The less and the more
The found and the lost, The worth and the cost
The yin and the yang, The wax and the wane

Forever entwined
by grand designed,
not to unbind
A wayfarer gardens
and yeaning wake his soul
on this Market Square
still he shops and sleeps
where his abode is nigh  
and their goods are cheap
like his barbecued cecils
now such gazes he's met
that fires their clement  
if City Hall landslide elects again.
Morning abate
with hazelnut
spread on
toast that
surmount any
surprise with
lather that
only minutes
elongated tweezers
frequent inside
strand that
abet her
with hazing
particles for
extremes package
soon upon
her face
Hayley May 2016
What does your soul say through your eyes
Do they show your truth or do they show your lies
Are you really happy with yourself and your path
Or is something in the way, is it holding you back
How do you know what you feel is right
Is it when you feel less of the dark and more of the light
Is there a happy medium, like what Buddha taught
Is everything an illusion, or is that just one thought
How do we know what we really feel
How do what know what is truly real
Our souls create reality and there are so many different kinds
How many universes are we projecting with our minds
We are each a deep expression of the  universe and the divine
But if that's the case why do so many of us whine
Why can't we find the power that's within
Why do we sell ourselves short, why do we see things as sin
Karma isn't even what people think it is
They mistake it for the law of attraction, what goes around comes around, but that's not it
Karma comes at the end of life and it tallies our deeds
It's kind of like judgment day, but it's our soul it feeds
Tell me what I did, was I as good as I thought
Did I learn everything I needed to, was I righteously taught
I know I learned lessons and I know I hurt souls
But I didn't do it on purpose, I just played many roles
I taught people lessons and they taught me mine
In life we have to learn quick, we don't have much time
Our lives are short, but they sure feel long
Is loving everyone deeply right or is it wrong
The emptiness in us, it comes and it goes
Sometimes we feel dull, sometimes we glow
It's hard to be consistent when things always change
Just adapt when we need to and transcend our ways
Late night questioning
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