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روبرت Dec 2018
You’ve awoken my heart
So wake up please
I’m getting sleepy
My lucid dreams smother and inject terror into my heart
They terrify me
Wake up please
I cannot fall asleep
Is it really 11:03?
Tyler Smiley Nov 2018
Headache of a girl
stepping on sobbing floorboards,
rusty pipes and lonely nights.
I start my own fires,
tend to sweat out kerosene.

Rinse myself with ***** water
dripping from cracks above.
Break open a window-
smoggy air love, right hand slug.

You’re still sound asleep,
yet I stand in the city
interrupted by sirens
and memories of you.

What a pity.
Veer Lundgren Jun 2018
My mind racing
And I could swear
that it’s chasing
The memories of you and I
On those nights
That seem a life time away
Do you ever think
Of what could have been?
I do.
-What am I supposed to do?
Lilly May 2018
What is pain

There is physical pain
The kind you feel when you fall
Or you crash your bike
Pain from being pushed
Pain from being hurt

There is mental pain
The kind from bullying
Or being forced to do something
Pain from being pushed
Pain from being hurt

"Are you okay?"
They ask
I say
While thinking no

Help me...hurt me...
Three letter difference

We are raised different
From each other
Yet we try to be each other

Who am I
I can't tell
I'm whoever you want me to be
I thought
You liked those kinds of girls

I was wrong
You like me
A sweet shy girl

You like me but you don't know me
And I don't know you
Thats why you didnt know
Why I couldn't say no

I didn't want it
I'm so sorry if I said I did
I wasn't ready

I want you now
I could take it now
I'm ready now
But I wasn't then

I'm sorry
If I lied
If I hurt you

Physically or mentally
Whats the difference
It's all pain
Sometimes one is so strong it's the other
I hurt you
You hurt me

Can we fix it
Can I fix it
Love me
I love you

You say you're happy
Happy you aren't hurting me more
I need to know why
Weren't we perfect
You were happy
I wasn't, but you were
Thats all that matters to me

Both of us happy
Thats new
We're new
How is life fair
To make both of us happy
Why must we hurt to get there

Pain is everywhere
In everything
We are all in pain
Some more than others
It doesn't matter what kind of pain

We will be happy
I will no longer be

In pain

I need you in the moment
when I tell my friends I want to die
and they don’t even care
let alone even notice that I’m there

I need you in the moment
when I cry in the middle of the night
and I don’t remember why
let alone why it hurts so much

I need you in the moment
when I take the little courage that I have
and stand up, only for them to dismiss me
let alone change

I need you in the moment
when I show my cuts on display to the world
and the only thing anyone gives is judgement
let alone SAVE ME

I need you in the moment
when everyone else survives
and leaves you to rot in the darkness
let alone comfort me

I need you in the moment
when I realize I’m manipulative
and that this is all my fault
because I’m the problem
in my life
that sabotages my every move
and needs to LEAVE

Because I need you
in that moment
that you’re not there
because you were never anywhere
Let alone here
Asby Jul 2017
Now, just now I know that I'm lonely because you're away from me

You, about you, about me is about you and I'll repeat the same verses over and over and over again until you're back to me

'Love' is the word I really need so all of these affections need a place where to go

'Love' is the word I really need so please will you come back and kiss on my cheek.

Please, stay by my side.
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