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Zan Apr 22
Dear universe,

Why did you choose now,
when i am all broken and bruised.
How can I allow,
now when we are still both confused.

You can't take her yet,
I'm not ready we aren't finished.
I can't but help fret,
please we can't be undiminished.

I still gotta have her,
she is my everything right now.
She was the best friend,
We dealt with eachother somehow.

Everything we were,
and everything would of been.
None of that will be,
none one will know what, why, and when.

Why did you choose now,
universe I need her the most
Why did you choose now,
when both of us were at our worse.

Why now?

- Someone who hurts
My best friend is moving accross the country and we don't get to say goodbye or spend our last time together. . . .
Archer Feb 20
I can't do this without you
I don't know how I ever did
I'm weeping now, it doesn't help
I just miss you so much
Why wont you run to me
My arms beckon you
In the only love language I know
Put down your life
Set it on a shelf somewhere            
All I ever wanted was you
I never asked for more
If you couldn't why did you say you would
I am here
Find me
IdkLove Dec 2019
Getting used to you every single day and night
Might be this is a lust or love or a only attraction
Every night we interact but can't feel feelings
Only i feel those feelings
This is called love at first sight
Might be you also used to me
And can't show feelings
Take your time
I'm your incomplete puzzle and you are my missing piece
Madeleine Aug 2019
A choice i once made
Gave me this feeling
Of discomfort
A feeling that never sat right with me
For some reason this feels
Like a stay or go
Stay with me or be free from me
I hurt
But i know you ache with pain
That should not be there in the first place
Im sorry
And if forgiveness is not an option
Then to be free it must be
For to move forward
We need forgiveness and to move on
To leave it in the past
I promise to you
That I want only you till I die
My mistakes
Are stupid
And i know who i have and how much
You mean to me
So to lose you
Would be too much
That my mistake
Would be the breaking of your heart
And mine
Aaron L Osgood Jul 2019
I just want to speak to you.
Can I get one moment of your time?
I just need me to see you.
I just need you to see me.
I know sometimes it’s not easy.
I just want this one moment to last.
But I know the images of me.
Brings up the bad moments of your past.
I just want to say sorry.
Although history can repeat.
It usually matter how discreet.
Things can still to the surfaces above.

I’m thinking of you too much.
And the mistakes that were made.
But I’m also missing your touch.
Almost by days: like yesterday and today.
Tomorrow could be a different story.
But I still think about you always.

I won’t go into details.
But I shouldn’t raise my _.
I feel sorry where it landed.
It should of firmly planted.
If it was me instead of you.
I would of never withstand it.
So, now I understand it...Why.
You left me without a goodbye.
Then again you just left.
Without a single text.
I started with a Hello...
I got silence in return
I guess your wondering what’s next..
I guess your still feeling hurt..

I’m Sorry (it’s not just words)
I’m Sorry (I really mean it when your hurt)
I’m Sorry (I should thought of my action first)
I’m so so Sorry.
I put my self in scenario’s. I’m a romantic type of guy. I cause no pain.
The Vault May 2019
The marks you left behind after the bruises faded
A flinch at a hesitant touch
Afraid to be alone with someone
Afraid to be touched in a hug
It isn't on purpose
I swear
I just panic at touches even by family
From what you left when the bruises had healed over
Don't be afraid to walk out.  Don't be afraid to put yourself first.  The marks left behind might never heal but it is better then staying in a relationship that only harms you.
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