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clementine May 2021
far across the scintillating galaxies,
a dying star fulminated, blasting celestial fantasies.
then, a pulchritudinous nebula was born
and woven constellations she wore.

the moon hung like a chandelier in her eyes,
studded with jewels like diamond stars.
splendor interstellar dust swathed around her ivory skin,
virtue and intelligence she always has from within.

her mellifluous voice sends you to a place full of gentle breeze,
where azure firmament embraced few puffies
made of cellulose fiber and soft creamy cheese.
and with a touch of her fingertips, you’ll see cerulean seas.

she’s someone that you’ll always remember
for she makes learning as her adventure.
and her euphonious words
that shakes your mind and your world.

she’s the universe’s child.
clementine May 2021
enthralled, you got me in a reverie
about your doll eyes alike the stars
that shines from a far cosmic galaxy.
love, you’re a pulchritudinous nebula.

almost failed to respire
while keeping our eyes fixated.
you’re my blanket,
my comfort through this storm.

as the sun kissed goodbye to the cerulean sea,
the whispers of the waves shift ‘neath your feet.
in a cold breeze, it felt unusually warm,
similar to a milkish pale, creamy optimism latte.

you’re fond of fireflies falling into your palms,
like a fairy dust in a fantasy.
fallen flowers amid abysmal situation,
a frantic feeling fades away instantly.

my Allie, i’ll be your Noah
who stares and loves you endlessly.
grateful to be lost in your smile,
will always hold your hand till eternity.
clementine Apr 2021
the words in my poetries are caged in my mind,
just like me.
clementine Apr 2021
all i ever wanted was assurance
but you gave me a book full of paradoxes.
you are the last note that completes my piece,
however, you refused to be.
such inconcinnity,
i guess i'll never be the melody
of your harmony.

and now i sit on this piano bench all alone,
trying to make a song about
how you left me on my own.
reminiscing the words you ought to do
until our last breaths,
i realized that your compositions
should be burn to death.
clementine Oct 2020
i just wanna sleep peacefully,
without any traces of tears
nor traces of misery.
i just want to sleep
without remembering the past.
the words that crushed me,
chained me,
and imprisoned me
to a cavernous place.
clementine Oct 2020
'twas August when i cried alone
always been on my own
but i wish someone was there
while i was in despair.

i wish someone held my hand
and whispered that i will be able to stand
after this dreadful dream
and just let my emotions scream.
clementine Sep 2020
fairy floss skies and white beaches surrounded by azure seas, saw you with your charcoal hair blown by the wind. your muscular arms wrapped around me and kissed the tips of my fingers. your voice drew me like how a pollen draws a butterfly and said i'll be your forever horizon. then, someone once asked me why am i always lost in my cerulean reveries. i told them, perhaps, reality aches.

under the furls of wavering clouds, all i see is that untouched stare. untouched feeling of something magical. tried to reach you but suddenly you turned into a flurry of snow. snowflakes, just like dreams, beautiful but falls down and melts. i just want you to find me, to fill these gaps betwixt this void in my heart.

"but you're just a fantasy, a fruit of my imagination."
"but you're just a fantasy, a fruit of my imagination."
"but you're just a fantasy, a fruit of my imagination."

no more fantasies and no more lovesick daydreams, gotta face reality but i'm afraid. afraid to touch the tips of the authenticity of love. lost and confused. i don't know what to do. perhaps, i'm gonna let it come to me once again.

gently whispering enchanting spells to my dreamy ears, bringing me to the majestic feathery silk of flowers. putting me into a cavernous sweet slumber. yes, drown me again.

"you'll never be a forgotten reverie."
"you'll never be a forgotten reverie."
"you'll never be a forgotten reverie."
still lost
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