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Karijinbba Apr 2020
As seen by:
Hubble Space Telescope's iconic view,
of the Pillars of Creation!
In the Eagle Nebula constellations
of stars, as viewed through Hubble's
magnificent eye glorious images
sent to Earth tickling all senses.
fine tunning imagination.

You were there with that infinite
gesture of love connecting us
across time and space.
How easy tears fall to this
intergalactic outer space truth.

Two brains one single thought.
Indeed you are everywhere that
I look away even not to think!

Eagle nebula is also known
by another name officially
at Hello Poetry
us two dancing, singing
ever so lovely gracefully,
here in poem.

" Star seeds Rdd/Bba!1974-75
=Until the end of time.
BY: Karijinbba-04-20-2020
Copy Rights apply.
Hope you are free healthy and enjoying life.
Question On October 27th 2019 going quail hunting do you eat what you ****? The Steers Boars Deer? Do you eat them? Just curious
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FloydBrandon Nov 2019
Puff puff pass gettin gassed in the haz-mask
Higher than a certified
Space craft
Hard to feel your fingers
elbow deep inside a munchie bag
Shatter on the wax
Never caught me in a speed trap
Spittin fire from the tail pipe
Like I’m mad max

God. ****.
That’s a pretty reef,

Never have you ever
felt’a skunk
smelt so sweet,
Greener than a Bob Ross
Painting of a pine tree
Doobie-doobie duped
Blew me like the mind freak

Other stoners know
When it blows
-‘t High street
Take your shoes off though
You’re steppin in my Pep si,
You think I’m growin stacks?
I just spent my last twenty dollars
on a grammie
and some snacks.
Salmabanu Hatim Oct 2018
"Granny, granny,come look at me."
There was excitement and urgency in my granddaughter 's voice,
I hobbled as fast as I could my cane thumping on the floor.
I stood there inside the door chuckling.
My granddaughter had become me,
She wore a tweed skirt high on the waist,
A white blouse with a high collar and a bow,
On her face she wore one of my specs which she had smeared with a bit of vaseline,
The effect was so that she could not see clearly like me.
She had put some pebbles in her shoes to enable her to hobble ,
Her hair she had combed into a bun.
Lastly she put on white gloves which she explained she had borrowed from my cupboard.
she held a dainty white laced handkerchief.
"How do I look, granny?"
"ME! I laughed.
"You will be the best granny in your school  fancy dress party.
Pray, remove the vaseline from the specs or you will fall down,
You can borrow my cane too,
I love you dear munchkin."

— The End —